Friday, January 31, 2014

Make Up for Chinese New Year

Halo semua nya. 
Well, kali ini mau bahas soal make up course atau les make up gitu. 
Saya Lidia sudah mengambil Proffesional Make Up Class dan juga High Fashion Make Up Class. 
Tentu saja dilengkap dengan setifikat. 
Bukan orang yang mengaku sebagai Make Up Artist tetapi belum pernah mengambil kelas make up. Karena sekarang banyak yang mengaku sebagai MUA, tetapi bukan MUA beneran. 
akhirnya Murid nya yang dirugikan gitu. 

Hal yang diajarkan dari basic hingga pro. 
Cara pilih warna foundie yang sesuai dengan kulit muka dan jenis kulit anda. 
cara shading and contour 
pemakaian scott, bukan yang sudah jadi. Tetapi lebih ke masing masing bentuk mata orang berbeda. 
Pemakain eyeshadow dan lipstick. 
intinya semua yang aku dapetin di kelas make up ku sebelumnya juga akan ku share kepada yang ambil kelas di aku. Bahkan ada yang minta ditemani belanja make up aku juga welcome untuk itu. 

Kali ini dia ga mau pakai eyelashes dan ga mau eyeliner tebal. 
Jadi kita harus ikutin kemauan client mau nya seperti apa. 
Products that i used : 

1. CC Cream Tone Rehab from Cover Girl 
2. Kiehls Moisturizer 
3. Bh Cosmetics Blush and Contour 
4. Bh Cosmetics 88 Eyeshadow palette 
5. La Tulipe and Estee Lauder Lipstick mixed it together 
6. NYX Eyebrow Pencil 
7. Beauphoria Curling iron. 

and thats it 
make up for Chinese New Year's eve (dinner) (natural one)

contact me if you interest : 

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Monday, January 27, 2014

Review : Oscar Blandi Hair Treatment

My hair care regime. 
Yeah my fave is from Oscar Blandi. 
so excited that Oscar Blandi is available in Indonesia. 
You can find this on Kota Kasablanka, Plaza Senayan and Beauty Box. 

Oscar Blandi is one of products for your hair care regime. 
No matter what your hair problem is, Oscar Blandi will provide you. 
Whether you want volume hair or straight hair or for your colored hair. 

For me , since I have straight hair, all i need is to make my hair more volume. 
and i love to styling my hair. 
I need hairspray to make my hair stand longer with the styling. 
Shampoo and Conditioner to make my hair Voluminous 
not only hairspray, shampoo , conditioner but also styling cream and serum for straight hair to make it volume! 
From Left : Hairspray, Styling Cream, Jasmine oil serum and Conditioner. 
for shampoo and conditioner on sample size . I bought the full size but i have to use the sample size first. The full size is on my bathroom already. forgot to take pic. 

Shampoo and Conditioner : 
  • Very smooth to your hair 
  • This one for Volumizing your hair directly. But of course not too much.
  • very nice smells. I cannot describe it, but trust me it is very good. it last on my hair few hours 

Before you dry you hair with your hairdryer, you better put your hair protector and serum on your hair. 
My heat protector is from Paul Mitchell. from Italy 
Spray it first then you can apply your serum. 
Serum using Jasmine Oil from Oscar Blandi. 
The reason why I don't use heat protector from Oscar Blandi is because I still got my Paul Mitchell. I don't want spend money on same thing. hhehehe

  • This one is travel size. Comes with Glossing Cream 
  • Gives Shine to your hair. 
  • 15 ml perfect for travel size 
  • Comes in pump 
  • The Jasmine oil's smells give you calm. and it feels so good 
  • Soothing and relaxing quality 
  • minimizes frizz 
  • You can apply it wet or dry. But I love to apply it wet
  • then you can dry your hair 
  • 327.000 IDR

  • This one is Glossing Cream 
  • Travel Size 
  • Comes with Jasmine Oil serum 
  • 50 ml 
  • Apply this after your styling for finishing touch 
  • Shine Instantly

  • After your dry your hair. Now you can styling your hair. You want curls or even with your straightener. 
  • This one is 6.3 oz full size 
  • This hairspray make your hair more volume, shine and of course hold your styling. 
  • This hairspray is not give your hair stiff , hard. Alias hairspray ini ga buat rambut kalian kaku! 
  • Price : 339.000 i guess 
  • Smells good 



see you

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Review : Make Up : Giorgio Armani Foundation Face Fabric

My another love of foundation is from Giorgio Armani's line. 
I love my previous foundie though , Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder. 
But let me compare it first and review my new make up collections. 

It called as Giorgio Armani foundation Face Fabric. 
Absolutely make your look is like you wear no make up on. 
I mean no foundation. 
Gosh, definitely love this foundation. 

Product Details : 
  • The Texture is very very very very really damn Smooth. 
  • Very Blend able. Trust me
  • Gives a light coverage and it feels like you're wearing nothing. 
  • I need a primer to use this foundation 
  • This product is not for you if you're looking for a heavy-weight foundation. It's for natural make up. 
  • The packaging is quite good. I prefer pump , but it is okay 
  • Since it very light, if you have acne scaring, deep dark spot or other problem, you need concealer help!
  • Price : IDR 550.000 OR $ 55 ( bought it online kinda pricey than the original website)
  • Love the smells
  • Travel friendly 
  • 40 ml

Comparation with my others favorite product! The Comparation picture check below :

Laura Mercier                                            Giorgio Armani                                          Estee Lauder 
       $ 45                                                                 $49                                                             $42

  Blends well                                               Blends Very well                                           Blends well 

   NO SPF                                                          SPF 12                                                         SPF 10

glowing                                        Glowing like no make up                                   Very Matte

Oil Control bad                                        Oil Control good                              Oil Control  Very Well

Need a bit amount to cover face        Need much amount to cover                       Need little amount 

10 shades only                                          5 shades only                                   Many shades available

Well Coverage                                          Less Coverage                                  Very Good Coverage

Up to you whether use primer or no           Need Primer                                       No need Primer

Stay 6-10 hours                                         Stay 5-9 hours                                   Stay up to 12-14 hours

After all perhaps you will ask me which one is my favorite ? 
In my opinion with Combination skin and live in very hot day in Indonesia, 
All i can say, i choose Estee Lauder. 
Estee Lauder double wear foundation is winning my heart again and again. 

But if you guys love love natural make up, which like your second skin. 
I do recommend you guys to choose Giorgio Armani than others. 
This Face Fabric give you very sheer effect and look like you wear nothing on your face. 

But again if you guys looking for foundie which not make your skin white at the camera flash. 
The answer if Laura Mercier. Laura mercier gives you no white cast at all. 

Laura Mercier - Giorgio Armani - Estee Lauder 

Well every products have the weakness and the advantages, so its up to you guys.
I hope it helps you guys to know what is your best foundation for you. 
I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. 

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Review : Make Up : Chanel Perfection Lumiere

Back to review one of my favorite products, that is Foundation. 
I need a very smooth complexion and that's why i adore foundie so much than others. 
By the way, my holy grail product right now is from Chanel. 
Perfection Lumiere Foundation!!

  • So many shades available. Swatch click here about 20 shades available. So find your perfect match with your skin tone 
  • Long wear flawless fluid make up 
  • comes in pump
  • Semi matte finish 
  • Classified as Beige for Light to medium skin tone 
  • BR as pink undertone 
  • BA as warm and dark skin tone 
  • Mine is B20 
  • This foundie is oxidize, which means change the color after few hours. it is going to be darker after you sweat or few hours.
  • Perfect for combination skin , not for dry skin since i think it is not moisture enough for dry skin. 
  • I can skip powder with this foundie since i have combination skin 
  • if you have oily skin , you can apply powder 
  • oil free 
  • SPF 10 
  • Compared to Vitamulumiere , Perfection lumiere is heavier or more coverage than vita lumiere
  • Shine a little bit in the end of the day
  • No breakout or clogging 
  • Blend able. I prefer apply it with my brush F80 from sigma
  • There is scent which is so damn good. It fades after few minutes so you don't have to worry about 
  • More natural than Mat Lumiere of Chanel 
  • $ 55 

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Best Zero Smudge Eyeliner

Hello Everyone. It is pleasure to see you comeback to my website. 
Thanks for visiting my website. 
Well, Let's review again!!!
Right now, I'm going to review about Eyeliner. 
I am absolutely sure that everyone who loves make up cannot forget to apply eyeliner, right ?
Eyeliner is a must!!! 
Eyeliner helps your eyes looks larger, define and dramatic too. 
It's all depend on how you apply it. 
As i have promised before, I promised you to tell you about what I bought from my last shopping.

So, I guess, you are all already known what brand that I'm going to review
Yeah true, all about Estee Lauder.
Well, I'm a big fan of this Brand.
For make up, I trust all my brand to western brand, such as Estee Lauder and many more.
Always there is one products at least of Estee Lauder on My make up bag and traveling make up bag.

Well, the eyeliner, called Zero Smudge Liquid Liner
Zero Smudge? Really?
it is hard to apply eyeliner without left any smudge, i have small eyes.
Actually I hesitated to buy this Eyeliner,because my experienced used eyeliner and left smudge.
Then, Michael asked me to try it, and i tried it.
After that, I applied it to my eyes and I closed my eyes for 1-2 minutes to let it dry
But, Michael laughed and told me to open my eyes directly without wait any minutes.
I didn't trust him that time, and he asked me to apply it on my right eyes. (the first apply is left)
and I followed him for the right eyes without wait any minutes.
And what I found was, it was really amazing and has left no smudge at all.
I feel like " For Real? No smudge left ? "
I checked the mirror more than once and it was true that No Smudge Left

Directly i said to Michael that I buy this eyeliner too!!!!
Yay, my new baby in my make up bag.

Products Details:

Pros : 

1. No Smudge. That's why the name is Zero Smudge
2. Easy to apply 
3. Intensive Color
4. Stays on all day and night doesn't crack
5. What I love most is very very easy to remove or take it off!!! It is like crystallized when you use eye make up remover. I just don't know why some people said that this eyeliner is a bit difficult to take off, perhaps they don't know the way to remove it correctly.
6. Dries quickly
7. Elegant packaging
8. Price : 280.000 IDR ($28).
I know the price isn't cheap, but for the quality of the product I am fine with it. That's why I put it as Pros. Should be in Cons for the expensive price, but since the quality and no smudge left, I decided it as Pros.
Cons :
1. Nothing

So my final opinion is, if you are looking for amazing eyeliner which left no smudge and lasts all day long,
I recommend you to buy this Double Wear Zero Smudge Liquid Eyeliner.
Don't worry about the price, because it is very worth with the quality like that. 
Thanks you
See in next post.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review : Urban Decay Naked 3

Hello hello 
setelah sekian lama ga nulis karena balik kampung, sekarang saatnya nulis kembali. 
Apa kabar nih di tahun 2014 ini? semoga semua baik baik ajah ya. 

Okay, pasti udah tau lah ya aku mau nge review soal apa. 
Apalagi kalau bukan mereview Holy Grail products from Urban Decay yang lagi buming banget pastinya. 
udah nunggu ini sejak lama dan akirnya beli juga hehhehe.

Naked 3 is the newest collection of Urban Decay family.
Like the Naked or Naked 2 before , it has 12 colors inside the palette.

Free samples 

Review or Urban Decay Naked 3

  • they are more into pink colors
  • highly pigmented 
  • but still recommend you to applied eye primer first 
  • Price : $52
  • Comes with brush which is so damn good 
  • Satin : Perfect for highlight under brow or your tear duct 
  • Dust : Pink with glittery. you can apply this to your entire lid to make your eyes look gorg. 
  • Burnout : perfect for your crease or blending. Pink peach in matte or satin result. 
  • LIMIT : perfect for your crease 
  • BUZZ: Shimmer one , you can apply this to your entire lid 
  • Trick : is not gold, i think its copper 
  • Nooner :  define your crease with this 
  • Liar : not so pink, not so brown . mettalic shimmer a bit golden undertone
  • Factory: a bit dark and perhaps you can use this for your crease and eyeliner 
  • mugshot : Taupe shimmer . love this so much
  • Dark side : Taupe satin
  • Blackheart : love this so much . perfect for your evening look 

what's your most fave shade ? 

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Review and Tips agar Warna Eyeshadow Tahan Lama

Hi beauty lovers. 
Your eyeshadow is greasy, or the color is not pop enough ? 
I will let you know the secret . 
Males banget pastinya Lihat eye make up or eyeshadow yang warna Nya ga keluar or gampang luntur istilahnya. 

Eye base is very important for eye make up. 
Eye base could lock the eyeshadow, and make the color pop! 
This way is highly recommend if you have oily lids , but doesn't mean not recommend for peps who have normal lid . Pastinya Pengen kan mata kita jadi lebih Indah dengan bantuan eyeshadow, itulah sebabnya mengapa kalian Butuh yg namanya eye base. 

So today I'm going to show you and review my holy grail products. 
Mac. I'm sure that you guys know it already since Mac is huge brand.


  • Comes in so many shades, soft ochre, painterly and many more
  • comes in Pot
  • Last longer 
  • make your eyeshadow's color pop
  • around : 25$
  • easy to apply 
  • blend very well 
  • you can use your finger or brush to apply this to your entire lid 
  • available at Mac store . PIM, GI or Sogo Plaza Senayan
  • Not make your lid oily. u use it all day long 
left : without soft ochre 
right : applied soft ochre first then your fave eyeshadow 
Add caption

Untuk Eyeshadow dan complexion sendiri, disini aku pakai NAKED 3 dan Chanel . 
Review soon ya :) :) 
Bye Guys

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