Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review : Makeup : Make Up For Ever Sclupting Blush

Hello Everyone ^^ 
So today I'm going to review Blush On.
this is my second  time to review about Blush on after Nars Boys Don't Cry

Ummmm, if you are looking for blush on without much Glitter such as NARS ORGASM,
so you are in the right site. Lol.
I do love both type of blush which matte and glitter 
But if I don't want to see so much glitter on my face, this is the answer.

So today's product is Make Up For Ever Sclupting Blush on ,
in shade "Satin Peach Pink" , shade #10 
If you are looking for DUPE for NARS Blush on, but in high end DUPE 

So, MAKE UP FOR EVER is the answer!!!
There isn't much I dislike from this brand.
MUFE is the best products. I think all Make Up Artist in the world has one of mufe products.


Product Details : 

  • The Sculpting Blush is an oil-free powder blush which comes in a slim compact case.
  • The wide range of shades available answers every need with seven cold shades and seven warm orangey shades.
  • These include glowing shades to brighten the cheeks and tone-on-tone natural shades to sculpt the face.
  • Sculpting Blush comes in matte, satin or iridescent textures, allowing different effects. 

That's the result in my face 
see how gorgeous the color. I love it so much since it's peach Pink. 
The result i think so obvious. ^^
This is what i used to create these look. 
simple right ?
 Just different lip color from the top picture and Bottom Picture 
and the circle lens 

  • Blend able 
  • Perfect for medium to light skin. 
  • But Doesn't mean it's not fit with dark skin. For dark skin i recommend to use it a bit thick than usual. 
  • Build able 
  • No mirror inside 
  • Travel friendly since it's small stuffs 
  • Last longer of course . stays for 6-8 hours 
  • If you love matte finish, this is the answer for your perfect skin. 
  • No glitter 
  • Pigmented good
  • leave nice glow to your skin
  • Price : IDR.300.000-350.000
So in the end, i will recommend this so much for your daily blush on. 
No glitter but leaves glowing skin, this is the key. 
Yeah I love my Make Up For Ever Sclupting Blush 
bye guys 

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  1. waaa baguss banget warnanya, cocok bgt di kamu cantik <3

    1. makasih ya hihi
      iya emang cucok ini warna nya


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