Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Make Up for my Legal Age

hello semua 
Huaaaa November 3rd 2013 been my legal age
don't stop the party!!!! 

Yeah it was my birthday on Sunday. 
so i feel more more and more blessed everyday. 
Thanks lot Jesus Christ for blessing me everyday. 
I wish that i would be better in life and make my parents happier. 
I wish that i would graduate with best score and GPA. 
and I wish to had best Job in my entire life. 
and not to forget about partner for life. 

Okay, so i want to share a little bit about my birthday Makeup 
Details : Blazer by Finderkeepers the label. ( $150/ IDR 1.500.000 )
ring by : Queenpee ( $50)

make up ini juga cocok di aplikasikan untuk first date make up loh 
karena agak soft dan pastinya tetep cantik

What i used: 
Fresh Kon softlens . Review HERE

That's what i used to create that look. 
quite simple right ? 

i want to keep it simple cause still in day right ? 
so i don't need to use eyeshadow to make my eyes bold. 

At night a bit different cause i need more intense look than light look in day like that.
but i'm so sorry that the lightin is so perfectly bad. 

Saskia Gothic banget tuh poni hahahah >.< 
I'm so sorry for the bad pic, 
i can't show you how my eye make up since the lighting was not support. 
Oh yeah, so i got gift
and yeah it is shoes again. 
gosh better birthday everyday if i get shoes in every my birthday. 
hahhahaha LOL 

price ? Approximately ($900-1100) i dunno exactly about the price is. 
but something around that price.  

Pants by ZARA : IDR .599.000

I think that's all 
thanks for stopping by 

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  1. akkkk.....happy bday :)
    wish u all the best.....


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