Friday, November 15, 2013

Asia-fashion-wholesale review. Keuntungan dan kerugian belanja Online.

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Today, I'm going to review about Fashion. Too much talk about make up, make me fell that something missed about what i loved. That is Fashion. Well On October 17, i bought via online coat from . The seller exactly from China and of course with Cheap prices but good quality as well. Over there you can find so many Asian's style, from Blouse, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Bags, Shoes, Accessories, etc. This is not my first time to purchase from that site, I cannot remember how many times i've purchased there. Lol . I'm totally in love with the products, I mean everyone loves good quality and cheap prices rite? Hhhahaha.... I can spend my time to visit this site and i don't know why I always find the products which i really wanted. hahahah.......happy because get new cloths, but T_T to pay my bills. is the one of trust seller. They provide International Shipping to everywhere. So whether you are in England, Spain, Argentina, Singapore, wherever you are, they can send it to your home. About the shipping fees is depend on what country and weight of what you bought. They provide Fedex, Dpex, Airmail, Ups, and many more. They will give you tracking number also, so you can track always your stuffs. Online shopping is the easiest shop ever. Lol.
The customer services are fast respond to the email that they received everyday. So you better ask for the details first to customer service. They also accept Paypal. Western Union, etc. So that's make you guys easier to buy something from another country. That's the power of globalization. Thank you globalization.

DPEX so rarely to late sending their products. But this time, urghh they are late to send me. I have already asked the customer service (Oct 25, 2012) and tracked it also, the customer service said that my package has already taken by courier. The customer service said i will get it but kinda late, maybe around 6pm. Okay fine i said. But gosh......i didnt receive it. I don't know what happen with that courier. Maybe alot of package to send. But but but i really cant wait and need that.
I received this package from DPEX (Oct , 2012), and cannot wait to open it. I'm so excited to open it like kids when they open gift from their friends. lol . I opened it and this is what i bought. Kawaii (japanese langange means cute), pink coat and i love it. But do you guys know the reason why i bought this?
Well, I have no idea to answer it. I just love it and i think that's kawaii coat so i buy it. T.T  Well I'm from Indonesia, Indonesia has no winter.  Indonesia is only divided into rain or dry season. So i have no idea why i bought it? argghhhh............
But its ok when the rain comes, the weather will change into cold, so maybe i need this coat. And also that i love photo shoot, so i can wear this coat for photosession . lol lol lol. Photo session with coat but no snow? SERIOUSLY? hahahaha......who cares. i just wanna do what i like and love to.

Well, I will explain to you the advantage and disadvantage of shopping online :
1. You can browse and find what you looking for in one shop (of course if the seller has complete products like asia-fashion-wholesale)
2. Shopping online is not make your legs tired. Lol. You just browse and pay it easily.
3. You be able to buy products which is in your country, there is no seller sell that products. For example yoe need Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but Indonesia has no JC counter shop, so with shopping online. you can get what exactly you want.
4. The price sometimes cheaper than counter.

Disadvantages :
1. Shipping fee. Sometimes the shipping fee price is like crazy. You need to pay big amount for the shipping.
2. Impot Tax. You need to pay tax if your products 50$ above. So better you be carefull with the customs rules. If your products less than 50 $, you are free from tax. #thankgod
3. You need to make sure that the seller is trust.
4. You have to make sure about the size. So please read the details. And you can ask the customer service for more information. Because you cannot try it, right?
5. You have to wait your products, sometimes 1 month to reach to  the destination. But it depends on what courier they used. If you want fast shipping, so you have to pay big amount also for that. #lol
6. Sometimes the colors is not exactly same as in the picture.

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