Monday, October 7, 2013

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Make Up Inspired - Perfect for Halloween

Hello hello!!! 
What's up? 
It's time to be creative! Heheheh
Don't be boring lol 
Use some imagination or re create the look that you love most and add some detail that different than the original one. 

Anyways, today I want to re Create kyary pamyu pamyu make up 
It's quite easy though 

Let's learn together with me okay!!! 
Okay before you go ahead, 
You better check the video okay! 

Yeah that's me a girl with big scary mouth but cute eyes! 

So I'm use : 
For the face part : 
  • Bh Cosmetics Eye Primer 
  • Etude Shimmer Base 
  • Bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow on Matte 
  • Urban Decay Naked 1 
  • Estee Lauder Zero Smudge Eyeliner 
  • Viva eyebrow pencil on brown
  • Circle Lens by EOS 
  • Make Up forever Pencil Kohl Eyeliner with Glitter 
  • Laura Mercier Foundation 
  • Estee Lauder Compact Powder 
  • Bh Cosmetics Blush and Contour palette 
For the mouth part : 

1. Bh Cosmetics Eyeshadow 88 color in matte . Choose the pink shade. 

2. Make Up forever pencil kohl glitter in black 

3. Sensodyne tooth paste. Anything in white precisely. 
And that's wrap baby! 

So okay step by step to create this scary mouth is : 

1. Put some foundation on your mouth area. 

2. Use pink eyeshadow, shocking pink. Make line into your mouth. Bring up to you left or right cheek 

3. Make a gap. Layer it with the same pattern 

4. Full the gap with shocking pink eyeshadow. You can use lipstick also . 

5. Make a fake teeth with your tooth paste. I did use sensodyne. Lol 

6. After that, don't forget to apply your eyeliner into the gap of your teeth. So it looks like real baby! 

And done!!! 
You are ready to rock kyary pamyu pamyu makeup inspired! 

I think that's all 
I hope see you soon . Hope you like it 

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  1. aakkk keren banget ini lid!!
    aku malah blm pernah bikin beginian euy..hihihi takut jelek T_T

    1. Itu aku juga udah ga jelas lg mukanya wkwkwkwk..

  2. suka deh bagian cantik di wajah eh taunya mulutnya serem gitu. Kayak film "hantu di sekolah" Jepang :)
    nice post

    visit me on

  3. Hahahaha there always be surprise in this blog . Thank you for stopping by

  4. wah itu pasta gigi, awal nya ngira eye-shadoww atau apa'an.. gak nyangka~~
    so cool,

    btw folowing back pwezeee


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