Friday, January 17, 2014

Review : Make Up : Giorgio Armani Foundation Face Fabric

My another love of foundation is from Giorgio Armani's line. 
I love my previous foundie though , Laura Mercier and Estee Lauder. 
But let me compare it first and review my new make up collections. 

It called as Giorgio Armani foundation Face Fabric. 
Absolutely make your look is like you wear no make up on. 
I mean no foundation. 
Gosh, definitely love this foundation. 

Product Details : 
  • The Texture is very very very very really damn Smooth. 
  • Very Blend able. Trust me
  • Gives a light coverage and it feels like you're wearing nothing. 
  • I need a primer to use this foundation 
  • This product is not for you if you're looking for a heavy-weight foundation. It's for natural make up. 
  • The packaging is quite good. I prefer pump , but it is okay 
  • Since it very light, if you have acne scaring, deep dark spot or other problem, you need concealer help!
  • Price : IDR 550.000 OR $ 55 ( bought it online kinda pricey than the original website)
  • Love the smells
  • Travel friendly 
  • 40 ml

Comparation with my others favorite product! The Comparation picture check below :

Laura Mercier                                            Giorgio Armani                                          Estee Lauder 
       $ 45                                                                 $49                                                             $42

  Blends well                                               Blends Very well                                           Blends well 

   NO SPF                                                          SPF 12                                                         SPF 10

glowing                                        Glowing like no make up                                   Very Matte

Oil Control bad                                        Oil Control good                              Oil Control  Very Well

Need a bit amount to cover face        Need much amount to cover                       Need little amount 

10 shades only                                          5 shades only                                   Many shades available

Well Coverage                                          Less Coverage                                  Very Good Coverage

Up to you whether use primer or no           Need Primer                                       No need Primer

Stay 6-10 hours                                         Stay 5-9 hours                                   Stay up to 12-14 hours

After all perhaps you will ask me which one is my favorite ? 
In my opinion with Combination skin and live in very hot day in Indonesia, 
All i can say, i choose Estee Lauder. 
Estee Lauder double wear foundation is winning my heart again and again. 

But if you guys love love natural make up, which like your second skin. 
I do recommend you guys to choose Giorgio Armani than others. 
This Face Fabric give you very sheer effect and look like you wear nothing on your face. 

But again if you guys looking for foundie which not make your skin white at the camera flash. 
The answer if Laura Mercier. Laura mercier gives you no white cast at all. 

Laura Mercier - Giorgio Armani - Estee Lauder 

Well every products have the weakness and the advantages, so its up to you guys.
I hope it helps you guys to know what is your best foundation for you. 
I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. I've been using EL and MUFE I love to combine both of them =)
    never try GA before =) but seeing you review they make your face glowing =)
    nice review dear

  2. ini koleksi foundation-nya sih bikin ngiri loh.. wkwkwk
    hasilnya flawless gitu ya..
    apalagi estee lauder, ada harga ada kualitas banget ..

    ga kepikiran tes kadar minyak foundationnya pake paper face .. XD
    nice nice

    1. Untuk harga estee lauder di tengah dear. Masih mahal Armani and Chanel. You should try estee too. They are best. My fave


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