Friday, September 27, 2013

FOTD : Good Girl Vs Bad Girl Looks

Hey hey you you my lovely readers. 
So yeah let's see my contrast FOTD. 
Yup they are good girl bs bad girl looks. 
Good girls gone bad!!! Hahahha (^_^)😁😁😁😁

sweet girl vs bad girl 
Nicki minaj says : I see some good girls let me turn it up. Yes nicki minaj was turn me up. Lol kidding . 

How to Create that looks is simple. 
So the products that I used is : 

Laura Mercier silk Creme foundation in sand. 
Cat wink powder from tony moly . 
Contour and blush from bb cosmetics 
Brown circle lens from new look 
Makeup store lipstick 
Makeup store gel liner. 

Actually if you use intense lip color, you don't have to use eyeshadow.
but if you want to wear eyeshadow, use the soft color since your lips already bright colors. 
that's my tips for you. 
Well i used hairclip from lookdeloopshop.
you can find it on instagram and twitter. 
they sell good quality hair clip. 
thanks lot lookdeloopshop. 

from day look you can put that fringe to the side, for me it;s bit sweet and nice girl but at the night you can make your fringe and divided in two side . 
it's kinda make your look mature and a bit sexy. lol 
just my opinion through. 

so you guys choose what look you want to wear. 
bye bye 

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