Monday, September 30, 2013

FOTD : Bold Attractive Eyes with AGEHA Soflense by Japan Softlens

Get your attractive eyes here

the last pic taken outdoor. no edit 

Yeah attractive eyes is very important for the girls. 
you guys hate to look so mean right? 
so eye make up is trying to help you get more seductive eyes a bit flirty too. 

So that's why i put that steps by step to create that attractive eyes. 

well, first thing that i love to do is : 
I love to use Ageha from Japan Softlens. 
You can put your softlens first before you start your make up.

1. Do my eyebrows first. using Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow 

2. Eyeliner use Gel Liner Make Up store 

3. put your eyelashes on. i use 2 eye lashes and make it into 1 . So it will make your eyes bigger 

4. then i like to apply foundation, powder, bronze, blush and etc. 

5. make your nose slimmer . Contour your face weakness use darker shade 

6. Make your smoochies lips 

and get your hair done. 

I used softlense from Japan Soflense. 
omg they are so comfy to wear. NOT LIE! 
You can order it and see how gorgeous your eyes with this Japan Softlense, called Ageha. 

Nice banget kan warnanya. 
That's my secret to get attractive eyes

product details: 

1. Color : Brown 
2. Diameter : 14.5 
3. BC : 8.9 
Masa Pakai : 6 bulan 
Ga nyolok and ga norak kok dimata. 
Beneran nyaman dipakai and natural 
Tiap beli soflens dapat hadiah loh , yaitu bolpoin dengan model lipstick lucu bgt deh 
Free case pula. 

Oh ya ngomong ngomong soal asli ga nya. 
Please cuma beli di Japan Softlens
Jangan yang lain yah. soalnya Japan softlens udah trusted seller. 
Jadi jangan kuatir. Soalnya sekarang marak softlens palsu gt yang dimana bahaya buat mata. 

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Twitter : @JapanSoftlens
IG : JapanSoflens
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see you on next post 
And thanks Japan Softlens

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