Monday, September 30, 2013

FOTD : Bold Attractive Eyes with AGEHA Soflense by Japan Softlens

Get your attractive eyes here

the last pic taken outdoor. no edit 

Yeah attractive eyes is very important for the girls. 
you guys hate to look so mean right? 
so eye make up is trying to help you get more seductive eyes a bit flirty too. 

So that's why i put that steps by step to create that attractive eyes. 

well, first thing that i love to do is : 
I love to use Ageha from Japan Softlens. 
You can put your softlens first before you start your make up.

1. Do my eyebrows first. using Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow 

2. Eyeliner use Gel Liner Make Up store 

3. put your eyelashes on. i use 2 eye lashes and make it into 1 . So it will make your eyes bigger 

4. then i like to apply foundation, powder, bronze, blush and etc. 

5. make your nose slimmer . Contour your face weakness use darker shade 

6. Make your smoochies lips 

and get your hair done. 

I used softlense from Japan Soflense. 
omg they are so comfy to wear. NOT LIE! 
You can order it and see how gorgeous your eyes with this Japan Softlense, called Ageha. 

Nice banget kan warnanya. 
That's my secret to get attractive eyes

product details: 

1. Color : Brown 
2. Diameter : 14.5 
3. BC : 8.9 
Masa Pakai : 6 bulan 
Ga nyolok and ga norak kok dimata. 
Beneran nyaman dipakai and natural 
Tiap beli soflens dapat hadiah loh , yaitu bolpoin dengan model lipstick lucu bgt deh 
Free case pula. 

Oh ya ngomong ngomong soal asli ga nya. 
Please cuma beli di Japan Softlens
Jangan yang lain yah. soalnya Japan softlens udah trusted seller. 
Jadi jangan kuatir. Soalnya sekarang marak softlens palsu gt yang dimana bahaya buat mata. 

FB : JAPAN Softlens 
Twitter : @JapanSoftlens
IG : JapanSoflens
Pin : 25A8140C

see you on next post 
And thanks Japan Softlens

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Friday, September 27, 2013

FOTD : Good Girl Vs Bad Girl Looks

Hey hey you you my lovely readers. 
So yeah let's see my contrast FOTD. 
Yup they are good girl bs bad girl looks. 
Good girls gone bad!!! Hahahha (^_^)😁😁😁😁

sweet girl vs bad girl 
Nicki minaj says : I see some good girls let me turn it up. Yes nicki minaj was turn me up. Lol kidding . 

How to Create that looks is simple. 
So the products that I used is : 

Laura Mercier silk Creme foundation in sand. 
Cat wink powder from tony moly . 
Contour and blush from bb cosmetics 
Brown circle lens from new look 
Makeup store lipstick 
Makeup store gel liner. 

Actually if you use intense lip color, you don't have to use eyeshadow.
but if you want to wear eyeshadow, use the soft color since your lips already bright colors. 
that's my tips for you. 
Well i used hairclip from lookdeloopshop.
you can find it on instagram and twitter. 
they sell good quality hair clip. 
thanks lot lookdeloopshop. 

from day look you can put that fringe to the side, for me it;s bit sweet and nice girl but at the night you can make your fringe and divided in two side . 
it's kinda make your look mature and a bit sexy. lol 
just my opinion through. 

so you guys choose what look you want to wear. 
bye bye 

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

FOTD : Gold and Sky Blue Eye Make Up

 Hello ! 
Again I want to share with you about my FOTD 
Nih hari rencana nya mau ke Plaza Indonesia, mau ke ROCOCO cari sepatu baru. 
For me shoes is always number one. Tiga - lima bulan sekali harus ada sepatu baru! 
and disana mau ketemu temen kampus. 

So this is my Face of The day 

Produk yang aku pake : 

1. Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Foundation 
2. Make Up For Ever Hd Powder Microfinish 
3. Tony Moly Powder yang bentuknya Cat. Sorry ga tau namanya. 
4. Estee Luader Zero Smudge Eyeliner 
5. Make Up For Ever AQUA BROW 
6. Too Faced No make Up Make Up Pallete 
7. Urban decay Naked 1 
8. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk 
9. Bh Cosmetics 88 colors eyeshadow in Matte 
10. Lancome Lipstick 309 
11. Bh Cosmetics Lipgloss. 

ring by QUEENPEE. love my princesspjewelry. 
(ring : $ 55 / IDR 570.000)

Besties and I 

shoes : ($ 400 / IDR. 4.000.000)

Okay thank you for stopping by. 
Bye bye 

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Review : Fashion : Elizabeth and James Heels

Hello I'm back to review about fashion. 
Hell yeah fashion is my passion!!!

So today I wanna review this lovely shoes from Elizabeth and James heels 
type : Elizabeth and James E- Stella 

this shoes is to die for 

Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So wear dope and class clothes!!!

Product Details : 

1. Comfy to wear in my opinion cause i'm already get used to wear heels everyday 

2. Available in two colors : that dot blue and no motives purple 

3. Suitable for formal events but stylish 

4. Available at Rococo Store Plaza Indonesia 

5. Available at polyvore, etc for international 

6. Price : $ 380. or IDR 3.800.000

FYI : I'm not being paid or sponsored by the store. 
I just loved to share my shopping opinion with you . 
Go visit ROCOCO STORE only at Plaza Indonesia (the most complete collection)
they sell most high end brand for shoes, accessories and bags. 
Just for fun 

See you at another post 

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Review : Make Up : Nars Pierre Hardy Boys Don't Cry Limited Edition

Hell-o Hell-O
Introducing new NARS Blush on


Product Details : 
1. Design is so damn good. Very pretty design and pattern of Pierre Hardy 

2. Blushy awesome perfection with Shimmer on 

3. Very Highly pigmented and could stays whole day

4. Colors like Watermelon - Coral

5. Packaging as always with black and huge mirror on . Nars Signature 

6. Price : I paid $ 60 for this blush on. Since there is no Sephora / drugstore around here.
Purchased from one online shop here 

7. Intense and Bright for your cheek 

8. It's kinda red not really pink. 

9. Limited Edition. Sold at Sephora Singapore 

10. Blend able applications

11. Recommend you to apply it little if you want natural look. 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Skincare : Cow Brand SkinLife Medicated Acne Care Series

Hello hello 
Kalian punya jerawat? bingung cari sabun muka sama lotion apa ? 
Pengen tau rahasia ku ?

Now let me review it first ya.... 

bagi kalian yang punya masalah jerawat bisa coba ini deh. 
Aku juga jerawatan kalo lagi mau dapet, and this one is really helps me guys 
what is that ? 
that is Skin life 
Aku mau kasih saran ajah, jerawatan kasih produk yang juga khusus jerawat. 
Jangan coba coba pake yg sabun wajah misal untuk kulit normal, kering. 
cari yang khusus jerawat. Kesannya sepele cuma sabun wajah or toner. 
Tapi beneran ngefek loh guys. 
Yuk intip reviw ku ya 

Bagi kalian yang ingin tahu mengenai produk ini lebih lanjut bisa mampir kesini ya

Products Review : 

1. Foamy banget. Ini yang aku suka .
Tips dari aku kalau cuci muka usap usap dulu sampe berbusa baru kita aplikasikan ke wajah kita. 
Bisa main main sama foam nya hehhehe. 

2. beneran ini soft dikulit ketika apply kan. 

3. Ga bikin muka kita panas saat pengaplikasian. Aku kadang ngerasa panas pada saat di apply ke wajah dengan brand lain. Tapi skinlife ga bikin kulit panas loh. 

4. Packaging very nice. Comes with pumps. Tinggal pencet deh 

5. Wangi nya ga lebay. 

6. The Skinlife Acne Care didalamnya terdapat kadungan yang melembabkan kulit kita, alias ga bikin kering 

7. Pastinya ga cuma melembabkan, tapi didalamnya juga terdapat kandungan yang mengencangkan 

8. Lagi lagi skin life emang oke banget, karena bisa mengangkat sel kulit mati kita loh. 
Bye bye dull skin. Tapi inget pemakaian juga harus rutin agar hasil lebih maksimal. 

9. Fresh banget after pake tonernya. Look like healty skin 

10. Tonernya cepet meresap dikulit. 


Cara pakai sih sama seperti sabun muka or toner lainnya. 
Jadi what are you waiting for? 
coba deh guys kalo mau jerawat berkurang 
Hasil lebih maksimal apabila dipakai rutin pastinya . 

Thank you 
see you on next post 
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

FOTD : Galaxy Eye Make Up Inspired

Hell- O Hell-O 
Welcome to my blog 
nice to know you and today i'm going to share with you about FOTD. 
IT'S Galaxy Inspired 

and yeah the color is dominated by purple black and blue . 

so let's get started!!!! 

Okay, so I'm going to share with you how to create that looks with simple things to do . 

Face : 
1. Giorgio Armani Foundation - Face Fabric 
2. Make Up For Ever Face Primer - Pink 
3. Make Up For Ever Hd Powder Review here for HD POWDER
4. Nars Blush on - Boys Don't cry Limited Edition . review soon 
5. Bh Cosmetics Shading and Contouring 
6. Too Faced No make UP Make Up 

Lips : 
1. Sariayu Lipstick 
2. Loreal Lips Shine Lipgloss 

Eyes : 
1. Nyx Jumbo Pencil - Milk 
2. BH COSMETICS eyeshadow 88 colors 
3. Estee Lauder Eyeliner - No smudge 
4. Kohl Pencil Make Up For Ever - Black 
5. EOS lens in Gray 
6. Japan's lashes

Black for Outer corner 
lid by blue : mix the bottom two 
inner corner : blue row number 4 from the bottom 
and mid lid with purple 

Aqua Brow Make Up for EVER 

too faced no make up make up pallete . must have 

Bye bye 
see you soon guys! 
any suggestion or want me to replicate something? 
just left comment okay. 

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