Monday, June 17, 2013

Review : OPPO Find Way (Unboxing) The best HD Front Camera

Hello hello .
Very nice to see you guys. 
So today what km going to do is about to review my new smartphone. 
Yeah sound weird to review about gadget since I don't know a lot about gadget stuff.
But let me try and I will do my best to review about this Oppo find way. 

Well, oppo find way is china manufacture. But please don't be doubt or hesitate to buy china products,
cause china goods right now is improve very well. Hehehehe 

The reason why I buy this, it because you know that I'm camwhoring! Lol.
I love to taking pic with secondary or front camera.
But you know that mostly front camera is VGA or max to 2 Mp.
Sekarang ga perlu pusing lagi narsis tp camera depan jelek, karena Oppo Find Way is tha answer!
Oppo Find way terkesan di design khusus untuk cewek,
karena dari segi tampilan dll sangat mendukung. 
Jadi ga perlu beli smartphone 5 juta keatas hanya untuk kamera bagus\
Karena kalo kamu baca blog ini,
kamu bakal nemuin smartphone canggih dengan harga terjangkau!

So Oppo find way is the best solution for you guys,
if you want to buy smartphone with the best HD front camera and of course in affordable price. 

Oppo find way front camera is 5 MP . It's like what ? Seriously ? Hahaha yeah! 5MP baby!
Well, thanks to one of my best best friend, Joey Gildas. He is gadget expert! You can consult with him, and ask him anything what you want to ask about gadget. He will be very happy to help you! Hahahah.
He recommends me to buy this Oppo than other brand.
Because he knows that I love to take pic la since I'm beauty and fashion blogger.
Thanks Joey . Xoxo! 

Okay back to review! But I will not review like gadget expert okay.
Just briefly since I don't know a lot about gadget.
But, aku kali ini mereview secara berbeda, mostly me review gadget cuma based on spesifikasi padahal orang tersebut belum tentu beli.
Tapi, kali ini aku akan me review dengan gaya ku dan juga ada bukti nyatanya kalo aku pake.
Bukan cuma omong doang atau review secara kasaran! hahaha okay. peace

Review : 
  • Camera : 8mp, and 5mp for secondary camera! Flash, auto focus! The best la! 
    Taken with secondary camera
  • Camera features: slimmer, beauty, ad brighten effect! No need foundation or bb cream anymore. Lol.
Left : Secondary Camera, , Right : 8MP CAMERA.
  • Design : Okay for girls. And white is suit for every girls. 
  • Warranty : 2 years honey darling wow! 
  • Speaker : okay. Don't compare it to HTC. Hehehe. but very good though
  • Price : in my opinion adorable. It's $330 . The reason why I said affordable, it because this is actually the first smartphone with HD front camera. 
  • Keyboard : you can customize it with your favorite photos!Damn absolutely gorgeous! I can change it anytime and type with look at your fave picture. Just go to setting and find OPPO KEYBOARD!
Landscape keyboard 
  • Keyboard : when you tired to type, just speak clearly and it will type for you darling . 
  • You can customize your widgets 
  • Actually the features is all same with Android. So if you know already how Android works, so that's oppo. Oh yeah, it's Jelly Bean! 

  • Single Simcard! Oppo Piano is dual simcard and cheaper than find way! 
  • Micro-SIM card
  • RAM & Storage ;  16 GB built-in storage,  1 GB RAM (RAM itu buat ngejalanin aplikasi)
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 4.5-inch

What I don't like : 
  • The battery I think kinda cannot stay longer. T_T alias borossss!
  • When you use it kinda long time, it will be turn into hot at the back. gampang panas oii
  • 16 GB, internal. no external . cukup ga cukup yaitu deh

I think That's all. 
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thank you

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