Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Make Up : NYX Full Coverage Concealer in Jar

Your Foundation or BB cream or CC cream is not covering enough? 
Well, you definitely need concealer. 
There are so many type of concealer in the market and i love the Jar one. 
And I want to try NYX concealer. 
I think this is my first face products of NYX. lol 
I got a request via email and told me to review about face products which in affordable price. 
So, yeah let's get started.

Actually my Foundation Estee Lauder Double Wear is really covering enough.
But, if you are make up junkie, I'm sure that you feel guilty if you don't have concealer. 
and today's let's talk about NYX Full Coverage Concealer Jar.

It says on the description on the NYX WEBSITE :
"Our Concealer Jars are back and ready to hide the villains of dark circles and blemishes stronger than ever! We supply concealers in all shades with an improved formula providing long-lasting full coverage. A moisture-rich, emollient formula designed to conceal discoloration, dark circles and blemishes. Applied with a brush, the concentrated concealer goes on like a dream."

without concealer yeah 
just a little dark circle 

Well, sometimes the description is not deliver the result .
So many people have different skin type, perhaps this one is not for me (my opinion)
If you are looking for a concealer to cover your eye bags, to give a fresh, flawless look, or bright
this concealer is NOT for you.
If you are looking for concealer to cover and give your eye bags looks fresh, try YSL. Not this one. >.<

Kelihatan gumpal

Kelihatan kan agak susah dibaur or blending . Gak rata, Padahal udah pake tangan or brush . Huhuhu 

Product Details : 
PRO : 
  • Is not really expensive. I think it's IDR 90.000 or $9
  • So many shades available 
  • Love this Packaging . comes in Jar. 
  • Good to cover blemish or acne and dark spot 
  • Cannot conceal or cover the eye bags 
  • Is not deliver bright or fresh for eye bags 
  • Is not easy to blend very well in eye area 
  • Look cakey T___T
  • I will not buy it again 
  • Creases
  • With brush, blends is not really good though. 
  • With finger, it leaves cakey at the end . 
I think that's all. I don't have something more to say about this products. 
Perhaps this products is not really friendly with me . hehhehe
So, have you ever tried this products ? 
Share with me okay :) :) 
Love to hear others opinion about this products. 

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