Monday, February 23, 2015

Review : Make Up :The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Body OilReview

Hello everyone 
Glowing skin is very important for you girls.
Because when you wear shorts and it means you have to show your skin much.
It is very essentials if you wear short pants or mini skirt , you are not allow to look dull or bulky.
that's totally NAY!!! 
Imagine If you wear mini dress out skirt or short and you show your glowing skin. 
Ummm totally stunning baby! 

So today I want to share with you about how to get glowing skin whenever you wanna go, party, mall, beach, event or etc. want to know what is the recipe ? So please check this out !
Oh yeah, this is summer baby. So get your Fake Tan!!!!
Summer is not complete without looking tan and glow

So, I think for you girls it is must to take care your skin.
Actually is not only about you face skin but also your body skin. 
You can do the routine such as spa, massage, or after shower routine such as put body butter, body lotion or whatever. Those routine will definitely very helpful for this products which I'm going to review about. 

So today it's all about Honey Bronze from The Body Shop.

It says on the website : 
Give your skin an even bronzed look with a hint of shimmer with a lightweight body oil.
Natural & Sheer
Honey-bronze glow
Tan-enhancing shimmer
Non-greasy finish

Product Details : 
  • The Texture is Oil 
  • This product smells so damn Great. 
  • The smells really last long
  • Tan-enhancing shimmer 
  • You have to make sure it's going to DRY first before you wear your get ready dress. 
  • 100 ml
  • Blends so nicely into the skin
  • Perfect for your summer Fake Tan 
  • Repurchase ? YES. 
  • only IDR 229.000 OR $23
Kadang aku pengen terlihat lebih gelap kulitnya. 
jadi ini andalan aku buat terlihat lebih gelap/ tan. hahha 

Cons: Suka nempel di baju. better keringin dulu bener bener!

Bye bye see you next post

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