Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How To: Wide Eyes Girl Make Up inspired by Lady Gaga Bad Romance

I want your ugly , I want your disease.  I want your everything as long as it free .
I want your love, Love , love. I want your Love! Lol
So today I want to create open wide eyes, inspired by Lady Gaga. 
Well, actually here are so many peps who create this look. But it's okay right to know my version.
So please check this out! 
Bare face! 
And yeah I have already put circle lens on my eyes to make my eyes bigger! 

Lol look creepy huh ? 
Yeah that's the first thing on my mind. Looks creepy!!!!! But in art everything is beauty right? Ugly pretty, pretty ugly! Lmao! 
Well in art, you can express everything. You don't have to be shy or afraid or etc! Just express your self in art! Love art so much!
This is perfect for Halloween . but you don't look like so scary
Just Creepy

And how to get that looks is quite easy! You can use everything that you have on home. You don't have to copy mine okay! 

1. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation 
2. Bobbi Brown pressed powder 
3. NYX Concealer on jar 
4. Urban Decay eyeshadow  Only use purple and silver! 
5. Bh Cosmetic eyeliner 
6. Super Crazy Dramatic lashes. Lol 
7. Lancôme 309 lipstick 
8. Étude white liner 
9. Make Up For Ever no 10 blush on
10. Circle lens x2 black 

Well, Michele Fawn has already create this look too. And here we go the comparation
Lady Gaga on left. Michele Phan on top and I. Well too bad I don't have that wig and of course I used different color of circle lens. :) what do you think ? It's okay share with me what's your opinion. Hehehehehe ! Beside creepy! Hahahh 
Source : Michele Phan video on youtube

You know how many lashes I used to create that looks? I used 4 lashes and they are dramatic! Hahahha! Heavy ? You think? Lol 
I need 30- 45 minutes to create that looks. 

I do love to play with high fashion make up or fantasy than pretty make up ( night make up, party etc). Because that's already common. So I want something different. Heck yeah! 
Common is boring! Booooo>.<

So thank you for visit and bye bye 
Hasta la vista! Sayonara! 
Trust me this is gonna be your unforgettable memory for your Halloween!  
Create good memories with your friends 

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