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Review : Make Up : The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB Cream with Serum Inside

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Okay so today I want to introduce the new BB cream from The Body Shop.
This BB cream is totally different from the others BB cream.
This BB cream has good things which is there is serum infused inside
So it means it is combine of Make up and skincare. 

First of all I was so "wow" because there is serum inside of it.
Perhaps the Body Shop is one who has this new formula.
I mean the body shop BB Cream probably the one which has serum inside the ingredients/infuse .
Okay I will not make you bored or wait longer. So please check his out . 

The BB Cream has 8 benefits in 1 bottle , they are : 
- Brightening
- Instant Hydration
- Natural Finish
- Easy Blendable
- Soothing
- Evens skin tone
- Lightweight
- UV Protection (Mineral sunscreen SPF25 PA+++)

Guess please these pic is me without any BB cream or me using BB Cream? So sorry for bad lighting.
no flash and i hope you can see the oil on my forehead and nose area.

So the correct answer is ? ( drum roll please)
yeah here we go, these pic is me and I did APPLY BB CREAM WHITE SHISO.
see the oil on my T zone area.  

i did apply this bb cream and see how oily my face T___T

Which one better? 
The LEFT one is without any make up which is just my skin. 
Or the RIGHT with BB cream White Shiso with Serum inside. 
Hmmm, what's your opinion ? good or far from good? Lol 
 Honestly, I don't like the result is. I think the left one is better than the right
I think that it's not really BB cream for me. (。-_-。)

Product Details :
Pros : 

1. Very Natural like wear nothing on face 
2. BB CREAM plus Serum. Perhaps only one right now which 2 in 1 bottle 
3. Comes in pumps. Very Hygienes 
4. It is NOT really pricey for BB Cream plus Serum inside ingredients. Only IDR 229.000
4. SPF 25
5. Good for medium skin tone. 
6. Blend able 
7. Doesn't leave Gray finish compared to Skin79.
8. Light to Medium coverage. 
9. Only need 1 pump for whole face. 


  1.  It  has one color which is not good for people who has fair skin or light skin. It's not recommend for people who has Oily , combination , and Dry skin.
  2. It doesn't control oil on my face. Actually I have combination skin, this BB Cream is not controls oil on my face whereas I don't have oily face much. Just in the T zone ( very little actually ) but this bb cream is not control my little oil T_T . That's why I don't recommend for you guys who has oily face!
  3. I have combo skin , and the cheek area is very dry. And I just kinda upset because it CRACKS on my face. I can see the lines on my face. =_=
  4. Since it light to medium coverage , you need concealer. 

Hmmm so my final opinion about this product is not really good or is not really bad.  
Hmmmm, I'm not a big fan of this bb cream.
But I love the others The Body Shop collection such as lotion, soap and perfume. :) :) ^_^
By the way,  I read on several blogs and they forget to state about the oil control.
Few hours the result is not dewy but it reflects oil on face.
Well please don't mis understand okay. Peace hehehe (^_^)

I recommend you to try the products on your face first before you buy it. Because it is totally different if you apply it on hand and you apply it on yor face. You can see big different on it. So please try it first, although sound " Rempong" but it's good for your pocket la. Hahahahahhaah ( don't want to buy wrong one right? And don't wanna spend money for something which is not for you right ? ) (^○^)

If you have normal skin type, medium skin tone and still don't know what BB cream suits you most ? Just think and consider about this BB cream. You will love the result :) Too bad this products is not really me. T_T 

Go find them at your favorite mall and go to thebodyshop store or buy it online. 
So I think that's all girls. That's all my opinion. If you think different , it's ok because it is my own opinion. 
Share with me how's your result with this BB CREAM white Shiso with Serum inside. 
 Bye bye . 
^_^ ^_^ ^_^^_^

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  1. thanks for the review, I wanna buy this product actually my skin is a bit dry :)

  2. so this product is good
    actually I want to try it too, ur review is quite helpful :)

    btw I'm deasy from
    have a nice day

    1. yes this product is good for normal skin type. not for combo or oily.
      thanks :) cheers

  3. tadi mampir ke bodyshop,nyoba swatch bbcream ini .. keputian di tanganku yg lbh putih dari muka.. mana lengket.. lol..

  4. Yah.. fotonya ngeblur nih lin..

    slm kenal btw,

    1. yang bagian mana ? yg compare itu ya ? soalnya sdh ditulis diatas bad lighting . thanks sarannya cheers

  5. Hi... sblmnya smpt baca review ini di blog lain, tp diempunya blog blg oil controlnya oke bgt di dia, smntara di km nggak mempan yah. Ampir td beli tpkrn ms ragu jd tunda dl deh. Trus mampir ke face shop hrgnya jauh lbh mahal yg power bb cream dibanding shiso. Aniwei ada rekomeendasi bb cream yg oil controlnya bagus n affordable?

    Thanks n salam kenal ya

    1. Iya kulit orang Beda Beda jenisnya. Tulisan ku bukan buat kompetisi review hihihi jd ditulis apa Ada Nya. Kulit km berminyak bgt ya? Aku combo dikit bgt tp krg cocok pake ini. Coba skin79 or lioele

    2. Skin 79 kalo Mau affordable . Mending foundie Nya the body shop . Oil control Lbh ok

  6. Hello, kamu pengguna Skin Care dan Cosmetic dari The Body Shop juga ya? Tolong bantu aku dong isi Survey-ku tentang skin care dan cosmetic dari The Body Shop sebagai syarat sarjana.
    Click di sini ya:

    Thank you so much, merci beaucoup, terima kasih banyak!!!


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