Friday, May 24, 2013


Welcome to my blog.
Something wrong with my wrist if I don't wear something.
Specially on my left hand. I'm typical . lol
Everyday watch is accompany me, If I don't wear it i feel something wrong with me.
Don't know why.
And this is my second review about watch.
I just post a review about watch which I love and Fashionable most. hehhe
Yeah that's my lovely DKNY.

The box is so glamorous. 
The box is so bling bling too. 

My style actually is bling bling, elegance, luxury and I don't like simple one.
Paling ga suka sama jam tangan yang simple, plain, terbuat dari rubber or sporty.
That's totally not my style. hahahhaa

Accessories by PrincessPjewelry

I do love love love mix and match watch with Accessories. 
Ummmm, perhaps it looks like so so full in your wrist. But I don't care lol. 
(Ummm, lagi trend soalnya di western apalagi USA. Jam tangan di mix and match with Arm candy. 
Emang terkesan rame bgt or bisa dikatain norak kalo disini )
But, I don't care, because I want to look different than usual. 

Bought this from Urban Icon as my favorite store to buy watch. 
You can buy it online or go to directly to the store. 

Details : 
  1. Very glamorous for everyone who wants to look bling bling 
  2. Chronograph 
  3. Rose Gold-Tone IP Stainless Steel with Ceramic Inlay
  4. Case width: 37mm
  5. Case depth: 12mm
  6. DKNY presentation box
  7. Price : IDR. 2.900.000

See you on the next post 

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