Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review : Best Beauty Box Vanity Trove Indonesia

Hallo Semua 
Well, you have to check this out! Must read of the week!!!! 
Udah pada tau Vanity Trove ga girls? 
So, yang belum tau ga papa. Karena disini kamu bakal ngerti apa sih Vanity Trove itu. 
So let me introduce to my lovely readers in the world..... 

Suka beauty products such as Haircare, Skincare and makeup? 
Vanity Trove is the exactly answer.
Mungkin sebagian yang tau ini produk ditemuin di Singapore, Malaysia dll. 
Well, Vanity Trove has finally arrived to Indonesia. 
Excited? Sure things!! 
I can say that Vanity Trove is complete beauty box. 
Because Vanity Trove will send you guys the latest beauty products which is very recommend. 
So, kamu ga bakal ketinggalan beauty trend yang lagi buming, alias kamu bakal selalu up to date!!!
and surprising nya, kamu ga bakal tau isi didalam beauty box tersebut apa ajah sih.
When you open it, you gonna love it.  

Setiap bulan kamu bakal dapat 6-8 samples beauty product. 
and pastinya yang dikirimin ke kamu itu bener - bener pilihan yang produknya very recommend. 

Interest ? 
Mau tau banget or Mau tau ajah nih cara gimana untuk dapetin Mystery beauty box? 
Well, caranya gampang banget. 
just visit Here

So, today I just wanna unboxing this beauty box
Wanna see what I get ?

Well, The box absolutely perfect. Very nice box!!! 
If the box is so damn luxury great, how about the inside ? 

Drum roll. So here we go 
That's what I got inside . 
Please share with me how's your beauty box inside? 

Details : 
1. Spa Essentia Bali Prada 
2. Masami Shouko white velour puff
3. Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara 
4. Skin Junkie Bonbon Babe Bar Soap
5. Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Masque
6. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye 
7. Estee Lauder Cyber White Brilliant Cells  
8. Lancome Visionnaire LR 2412 Correcting Polishing Cream 
9. Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector 
10. Voucher at Brow Studio worth as 100.000 

Compared to other beauty Box, I do recommend Vanity Trove Indoensia!!
You will get high end brand with Vanity Trove Indonesia. 

langsung ajah langganan or subscribe per 3 bulan, 6 bulan, atau 1 tahun
and and and bisa berkesempatan get your box yang berisi full size product!!!!!!!

Subscribe 1 bulan: Rp 180.000
Subscribe 3 bulan: Rp 540.000
Subscribe 6 bulan: Rp 1.080.000
Subscribe 1 tahun: Rp 2.160.000

Woowww! Well I do love it very much. 
I got my fave products that is Estee Lauder!!!!
Too bad I don't get Kiehl's and ZAP. Hahahah 
But I do love it very much. 
Many thanks to Vanity Trove Indonesia and Specially Harumi S! Love ya!

Don't forget to visit Vanity Trove Indonesia
and Get your best beauty box

Bye Bye see you on the next post 

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  1. Hi, salam kenal. I've got too... Aku dapet ZAP nih, cuma kayaknya item MUFE & False lashes itu langka ya. Padahal mupeng bisa dapet 2 item itu. hahha...

    Silahkan mampir ke blogku:


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