Thursday, June 20, 2013

FOTD & OOTD FOR Diplomacy Class

Hi hi. 
Well this is my first time to post about my studies and my passion. They are all combine into one. Hhahaaaa 

Well, I'm an International Relation's student. I'm proud to be International relation student. 
Perhaps you don't know much about international relation by itself . 
Anyways, let me introduce and explain to you what is exactly international relation
International relations is one of the major which you can take when you at University. international relations is fun studies. 

Actually we learn a lot from this study. 
The study is concern about international issue; International Economy, International Politics, International Law and many more. It is very fun because we study about domestic/local and international issue, which is both of them could influenced each others. 
First of all, an international relations students have to know and update about international issue or case which happening right now. Such as North Korean's nuclear. The rise of China, Europe Crisis, Arab Spring, the Hegemony of United States, Global Warming and many more. It's like those issues are our meals. Lol . Because we have to learn and update about the current event from domestics and international world. 

So if you are in Senior High school and you don't know what major you should choose to university life.
I recommend you to take this major. Because it is very recommended for you who loves worldwide studies. 

So  today I want to share with you about one of my class which very interesting to learn about. The class is Diplomacy class. Diplomacy class is a class which we learn to negotiate each other, and there is simulation like in the real United Nations which we are as student represent as one of country from all around the world. 

There are 15 countries in United Nations  ; 5 countries are perment members ( United States of America, United Kingdom, France, Russia Federation, and People of Republic of China) and 10 countries are non permanent members 

Me as Delegation of French Republic. 
Since my team and I don't know about French signature outfit (formal), we choose Navy Blue as our outfit.

As always 
Estée Lauder foundation in ivory cream 
Estée Lauder powder In sand 
Mufe blush on no 10 peach pink 
Nyx lipstick on fire. I applied it very little 
Mufe aqua brow 
China false eyelashes 
Naked 1 eyeshadow 

From Left : Me (France), Marc ( Morocco), Joey (Australia), Luna (Togo),
Tasha (South Korea), Luccian (Australia) 

Vania and I as delegation of France 

Me, (Van van , Lia T, Finda, and Indira = Azerbaijan ), Illa (Argentina) 

Hola Argentina(nyonyapejabat) and I

From left : Russia Federation - Cathy, United Kingdom - Jasmine, France - Me. 
We have Veto power!!! lol 

I wear : Mango Top IDR 250.000
Mango Skirt IDR 359.000
Karen and Chloe Heels IDR 700.000
Michael kors watch  IDR 2.800.000 or something . 

I think that's all
Bye bye 

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  1. HI Unpar yaaaaa~ Prakdip :D

  2. Nice heels! You look super pretty with under eyelashes :D



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