Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beauty Report : Kiehl's Grand Opening and Asia Next Top Model's Judge TODD A TYLER

Kiehl's has expand their new store at Plaza Indonesia. 
The location actually at Glow Living Beauty at 15.30 pm. 
So i just wanna say Congratulation for Kiehl's Indonesia. 
clap clap clap clap 
And I'm so happy because I attended the Grand Opening 
and the most exciting moment is ........
WOOOO HOOOO..........
Yeah, they were actually as Guest Star for the Kiehl's Grand Opening. 

You guys of course have known him from the TV. 
Yeah he is the Judge of Asia Next Top Model. 
He is fashion Photographer and I don't know how to explain to you. 
He is Perfect baby!!!!!! 

Todd Anthony Tyler is regarded by fashion insiders as a pre-eminent photographer and art director. For over a decade, Tyler has operated a successful studio in Shanghai, China, becoming one of the most sought-after contemporary photographers in Asia as well as worldwide. His work regularly graces the pages of elite fashion magazines including Vogue China, Vogue Italia, Elle China, Harper’s Bazaar China, Prestige Indonesia, L'Officiel and GQ. Celebrated for shooting vivid images with raw energy and uncompromising character, Tyler has created captivating advertising campaigns for Uma Wang, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, L’Oreal Paris, Adidas and Ports 1961 menswear.

Todd and Karina. They're the best couple. 

The situation is totally crowded over there. 
so many people attended to the event to support the Kiehl's and also want to see Todd.
Well actually we are able to take photos with TODD. That's the coolest part. 
and I'm really don't wanna miss a thing. lol

I got a chance to take photos with TODD and photos TAKEN BY TODD.
It was like Oh My Gorgeous. It's like America Next Top Model's perfume " DREAM COME TRUE"
Fashion Details :
Top (backless) :  Forever 21 (MUST HAVE )  IDR 329.000
Skirt : Mango IDR 399.000
Wig : Princess Butik Pinkcoco (sponsored ) 
HEELS : Dollhouseasia IDR 1.195.000 
Watch : DKNY IDR 3.000.000
Bag : GUESS (forget about the price)

Photo taken by Todd. Omg

Oh God, Todd and Karina, they Both are amazing person.
I mean very very humble and what can i say. They are really nice person.
They are communicate with their fans and they are happy to reply every tweets or comment on Instagram.
See how nice Todd. 

Oh yeah since I'm the one of Kiehl's girls, I need to attend this event.
oh yeah the products which you have to own is Midnight Recovery C
you will see miracle in the next day after you wake up.
You will notice the different when you wake up.
Your face will be bright on the next day. #shinebrightlikeadiamond #lol

I will be review the Kiehl's products that I owned.
I bought 3 items from Kiehl's which very very must have items
I want to share with you how's my experience with Kiehl's.
You can find Kiehl's at Plaza Indonesia, Glow Living Beauty or SOGO Plaza Senayan.
Meet : Jason and Arna at Glow Living Beauty. 
They will be happy to serve and help you.


Congratulation once again for Kiehl's Indonesia 
and Happy to see you Todd and Karina

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  1. yes he's so lovely! Aku juga dateng! :D


  2. kereeen bisa foto bareng. lucky girl.

    Salam kenal ya


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