Sunday, April 7, 2013

Best Armcandy Bracelets

It's time for Armcandy.
Everyone needs something to make her look cuter or prettier
Well, perhaps in my local country Arm candy is not so popular like in Western Country,
such as USA, EUROPE.
In USA, armcandy is hot trend to follow!
But, too bad for me if I don't follow the trend. #lol
I have to stay update. How about you?
If you are looking for gorgeous armcandy, read this till the end and let's SHOP till you DROP
Princesspjewelry is always provide very cute, pretty, gorgeous jewelry
Ohh--emm-geee this is what I called Fabulous! 
This armcandy is so so so me. 
I love girly stuff. ^^
and this set is describe myself. hahhaa
Pink, chain, ribbon, Gold, and studs! 

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Good look, good outfit and no jewelry? 
ah that's not really me. 
I will never forget to put any accessories on my finger or wrist. 
it is important for me to put jewelry.
I dont wanna miss a thing. lol

This is High Fashion Jewelry!
Jewelry to die for!
and you can find so many gorg set of armcandy, rings, necklaces at
whether you are in Asia, Africa, America, Europe, or Australia. this jewelry could be sent to you home!
because queenpee provides worldwide shipping with affordable shipping price. 
This pink set is only $51 (IDR. 500.000-510.000)
and for the ring is $50 (IDR 490-000-500.000)
so total of those is about 101 (IDR 1.000.000)
all price exclude shipping fee yeah!
for shipping fee, you only need to pay flat rate 10$. fair enough right ? 
and this products purchased by myself. 
and this review is all honest. 
heHHEHE ^^ 

Go maximize your look with princesspjewelry
bye bye. 
stay gorgeous ladies. 

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  1. kenapa lucu banget ini...?? T__T

  2. iya bagus and lucu lucu . coba check websitenya. hehhe


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