Friday, June 7, 2013

The Body Shop Foundation

Hello everyone 
Thanks for visiting my website 
Now, I'm going to review about Foundation 
As you can see from the title, The brand e gonna talk about is : 
The Body Shop
Yeah being foundation junkie. It's like is not enough to have one foundation. lol

Foundation is really must have basic makeup right.
So it is very important to choose the best foundation for you. 
Well, I received an email and told me to review about foundation which in affordable price. 
Well, i have no idea which products i should try. 
Because I'm afraid to try new products which possible to make me breakouts 
So, I'm going to mall and went inside of The Body Shop counter 
want to know more?

Yeah as i have stated before I'm afraid to try new products which possible to make me breakouts. 
On the other side, this is request from my readers which i have to consider about this.
My current foundie is from Estee Lauder and Laura Mercier 
Well every brand has pro and cont 

So , i decide to buy The Body Shop foundation 
jadi kalian ga perlu pusing lagi cari foundation yang bagus dengan harga terjangkau
That's the foundation look like .

Product Details : 
  • SPF 15. Which good for your skin protection but not so good for pic taking. Because SPF makes your face looks white on  flash photo taking.
  • Easy to blend 
  • The packaging is good Ig I have to rate from 1-5. I will give 5 because it comes with pump. 
  • Dry faster 
  • If you have oily skin, i think this foundie works better since it oil free. But I heard that some people with oily skin dislike this products. So, I don't know how should I explain to you, since everyone has different opinion and skin type.
  • Light - Medium Coverage
  • It doesn't makes me breakout . My own opinion
  • In my own opinion it oxidized and if i sweating, this foundie will stick to the tissue. Totally different from my Estee Lauder Foundation
  • Stay for 5-7 hours.
  • 20 $ / 199.000 IDR . 
  • Too limited color selection and the shades

Jadi buat kalian yang cari foundie yang bagus tp harga terjangkau kalian bisa coba The Body Shop
Kalian bisa beli di mall - mall atau lewat website juga bisa. 
Aku lebih prefer ini compared to white Shiso Bb cream ya. 
Just my opinion though. 
Before after my mom juga Pakai ini foundie. 

Gratis ongkos kirim lewat website the body shop dengan pembelian minimal 300.000
Banyak bgt produk yang The Body Shop tawarin kok. 
Aku lebih suka beli Lotion nya The Body shop
Smells so damn good. 
Untuk masalah warna / shade kalian, kalian bisa datangi counter langsung 
atau kalau mau beli online, kalian bisa nanya ke aku dengan hubungi aku di Contact Me 
Okay :) 

I hope that helps.. 
Bye - bye

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