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Top Pressed Powder

Hello hello guys! 
How r u? I hope you are all good. :-)
What I'm going to do right now is review about powder. 
Do you know what Brand I'm going to Review?
It's all about her.
Guess Who? 
Yeah Estee Lauder again! I love this brand so much
I don't think Estee Lauder is brand of "mama-mama" or brand which only for older people 
You are 20, 30 years old or 50 still you can use this products!!!
Anyways, I'm sure everyday we need powder for makeup, touch up or whatever. 
Powder is must have and I have to bring this stuff whenever I go. 
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I cannot live without powder. #lebay. #joke 
Yeah my skin is not so flawless I admit it,
so that's why I need to bring my powder everywhere I go. 
Well, I love Estee Lauder's collection.
My favorite powder actually is from Mac, Mineralize Skinfinish.
As makeup junkie I'm always looking for new products to try,
that's why I always buy new products. hehehee
 I just realized that I tried so many other powders and
I feel that others powder (except MAC and Estee Lauder )
didn't deliver the result like what i want
so, I will not purchase them and stick into that two huge brands
(MAC AND Estee Lauder are best for me. They are My favorite)

 Oh yeah My foundations right now are Estee Lauder's double wear and Laura Mercier
Wanna know more about that Products, click HERE FOR ESTEE LAUDER
and Here for LAURA MERCIER
Hope you check that out too!!
Because this pressed powder really works well with my Estee Lauder's Foundation and LM.
Well, if you read my review about Double wear foundation, you will know how good the foundation is.
Actually, we don't need any powder if we use Double wear foundation.
If you have oily face, I would recommend you to apply powder after foundation.

But, since I don't like to set my foundation without powder, so it is must for me to use powder.
And I have a combination skin, so it is Must for me to apply powder in my T-Zone era.
Don't put too much because Double wear foundation is cover all

This powder called Lucidity Translucent Pressed Powder.
My sister bought it for me from United states and i was so happy. thanks my sis
I got the lightest color, Light


Product Details :

  1. Doesn't add color to your face, just sets foundation. Sometimes powder gives you yellowish, or a bit pink or add color such as too dark etc, but this powder just set your foundie. 
  2. This product is really for Normal/Dry/ Combination skin
  3. If you have Super oily skin this powder is not for you. 
  4. But good thing is, It keeps the oils in my face since i have combination skin. Remember not for oily face. 
  5. Doesn't look cakey at all. Very light powder
  6. It is not heavy at all. 
  7. luminosity and look glowing
  8. Try with a brush and it looks better than with the sponge
  9. Very classic compact, kinda big to put in a purse hehhehe
  10. Big Mirror
  11. I love the smells of this powder.
  12. Blends very well
  13. Only 30 $ 
Look at the picture. 
1. taken at 7.20 am (outdoor)
2. at 10.15 am (outdoor)
3. at 2.20 pm (indoor with yellow light :at mall)
4. 4.00 pm (indoor with yellow light :at mall) 
5. 7.10 pm (indoor :at home)
and it bcs of Estee Lauder double wear foundation plus this translucent powder.
thanks to Estee lauder to bring this amazing products. 
That's my makeup to attend the beauty event with Estee lauder Indonesia. 
I think it's very natural look to attend beauty event with Estee Lauder Indonesia
The reason was I had to go Uni first then attend the beauty event.

this powder comes with sponge

I think that's all. 

If you want me to attend your beauty event, you can contact me through my email
or go to contact us. 
I'll be very happy to attend your event
Oh yeah do you know Marissa Nasution right ? 
she has gorgeous stuff, check
Here ^^
Bye bye 

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