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Fantasy Makeup / Zombie look

Hello everyone? 
What's up? 
I know it's not good time to post about character makeup. 
I know it's not halloween. But 
As i have promised before on my previous post,
I promised you to show how was my performing art class. 
If you haven't check my previous post, please kindly check
because that one was scary as this one
oops i did it again! 
It's like I ripped my mouth!!! And its kinda hurt . Lol
to create this look, is quite simple. and please read more if you want to know what products that i used

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February 28, 2013 at 2.35 pm we started the class the teacher asked us to prepare all the stuffs first. 
The class subject is performing art, it's all about how we show our passion in art. 
Well, i received an email said that if performing art class was related to beauty class subject?
Well, makeup is one of the art. It's like pain on our face right? 
But Performing art class is not only about makeup, but also Sing, drama, , etc. 
(related to art la) 
And actually we didn't get any makeup class, I mean the teacher isn't teach us how to makeup
 the teacher is not explain about technically makeup or the theory one. 
So, it's all about our creativity and imagination. 

( My girls. )
from 40-45 persons ( i don't know actually how many person in my class)
we divided into groups. One group 4-6 persons. 
The teacher let us to choose our partners. 
So, yeah of course you choose your mates right? 
They are Natasha Rumambi, Chaterine Nauli , Elsa Tj and I.
 Everyone has different imagination, and yeah it means so many character was represented.
Elsa was represent herself as Avatar. cool
Chaterine Nauli as 101 puppy. kawaii laaa
Natasha with unzipped face, like my previous post UNZIPPED TUTORIAL
and I as a girl who ripped her mouth. 

We only had 80 minutes to create that looks. 
Natasha was the only one who have no idea about makeup fantasy.
and I recommend her to create unzipped look with burnt skin. 
So, I did her makeup to create that look and I was happy for that. 
when Natasha done, I was completely in rush to do my own makeup.
and thank God we made it very well. 
Me and Natasha. Love it . Duo Scary . hahahaha

My burnt skin and ripped mouth with Lovely Avatar

Oh yeah her name is chaterine too. We have the same name. lol
scary me with cute puppy. lol 

Me and Mr. Gandha 
Our performing art teacher. 

Character makeup / fantasy make up is all about being someone 
and totally transform your look. 
So, please don't be afraid to show your imaginary. 
If you want to create fantasy makeup, i suggest you not to be afraid if you look terrible, 
scary, weird, nasty, or it's like clown, joker or ugly!!!!! 
The more difference or transform your look (Before and after fantasy makeup), the better result will be. 
( Just my opinion okay guys, peace) 
But if you disagree with my opinion, it's ok. 
We are social person right, so I'm sure we have some different opinion. 
Oh yeah this is very good idea for Halloween .
Perfect for Halloween party. 

20 minutes to capture this moment. 
We were so happy and i will never forget that moment. 
and when we were going to remove the makeup, Mr. Ganda shouted, 
he said " We are going to Lobby and take pictures over there" 
So many peps over there from different classes and everyone was like looking at us. 
(us refers to everybody who had makeup on their face)
But, again in my opinion, It's all about art. 
I just don't care with other people saying about us. 
the process was super fun, that's why I'm proud that my class made it. 
my groups, and others ROCK ON!!! 

Kak Dara and I. look at her face, totally awesome

How to create this look, (my character) : 
1. Apply Foundie on your face first,  I'm using Estee Lauder Double Wear.  
2. Put some liquid latex on your mouth area. 
3. Apply tissue. layer by layer. let it dry. this takes times
4. Put some fake blood on your eyes are 
5. It's time for eye makeup. Apply red eyeshadow on your lid. I'm using Bhcosmetics
6. Mix it with brown, black, purple , Bhcosmetics
7. Put some red eyeshadow again to your face a bit . and shading to your nose.
8. You don't have to be neat. Messy better!
9. Back to your mouth. Put concealer to whole wound. I'm using The body shop concealer. 
10. Apply powder mix with blush on. 
11. red eyeshadow to your open wound 
12. Mix it with red lipstick to your open wound
13. Gel liner to outside line. 
14. Mix it together 
15. Make fake teeth with special color in white or you can use everything which is white 
16. done!

thank you for visiting by.
see you  on next post
Bye - bye. 

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