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Dollhouse asia by Marissa L Nasution

Hello guys 
thanks for visiting by 
Ummm, It's like the fashionista is looking for good shoes
Or shoes hunter is hunting about trend shoes in 2013
Well, You are in the right track. 
Because today, I'm going to review and tell you guys about High Fashion Shoes.  
So, let me Introduce to my lovely readers in the world
Half of my collection. Thank GOD i have them. Blessed

I'm going to Introduce new brand from our Indonesia Gossip queen. lol
She is Marissa L Nasution. Known as VJ Marissa and presenter  
She loves fashion so much, and in 2011 she made her fashion line, specially shoes. 
Marissa Nasution sekarang bikin line fashion loh. Trutama sepatunya high fashion banget.
ada yang pernah beli ga ? yuk share with me
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Yuhuuu, fashionista or shoes hunter welcome to my website 
I love shoes so much. I'm shoes slave. LOL
I don't like to wear flat shoes since I'm short enough #hurt T___T
I only have 2 flat shoes. I bought it from Gosh and another one was birthday gift. 
#poorme #lol
All my collection is high heels and some wedges.
I love to wear heels. because Heels makes me confident. hahaha
How about you? share your opinion with me. ^^

Oh yeah, sometimes you go to one store and try the shoes, 
You want to buy it but there is no fit size for you or perhaps the model is YAY but NAY for the color.
Or you need a shoes with X model but the store provide that X model with wedges type,
meanwhile you need that X for pump, etc.
Well, now you guys don't have to be worry.

Dollhouseasia will be able to make a great shoes for you. 
Dollhouseasia will listen and provide to your requests. 
Trust me, dollhouseasia can make a wedges into heels, heels into wedges, slingback,
heelless and many more. Almost forgot that you can request any color, the heel height too.
Great right ? 
Just sent them the model and all details and they gonna make it fabulous for you!

I ordered mine on February 15 and the process was fast enough.
I received an email on February 27 said that my shoes is ready to ship! 
It's like wow. Super quick right ?
How's it? I love that color. Royal Blue mixed with Sky Blue : ROCK! 

I got a package from the courier and found that my custom shoes came!
Directly opened it and wow fantastic baby!!!! lol #lebay

STEP the world confidently with that kind of shoes. hahhaha. 

Todd Tyler- Karina Smith and I (Kiehls Event and Passion for Fashion Kuningan City)

Product Details :  
  • They able to make shoes from your request (size, color, heel etc) 
  • This shoes is amazing. Good quality!!!!
  • Comes with good box which thick
  • Comfy to wear it!!!!
  • Fast customer service respond 
  • There is no any negative. ^. ^ 
  • I must say Marissa's shoes line comes with affordable price. She doesn't put high price tag.
  • Mine only IDR. 1.195.000 . About $120 (Purchased by myself )
  • Dollhouseasia SHIPS WORLDWIDE. 
  • Visit or click HERE ^^
  • For Europe area, visit HERE FOR EUROPE AREA
  • Showroom for Jakarta area : Michelle Worth. Jln. Suryo 5, Senopati. Jakarta- Indonesia.
  • Free shipping for Indonesia area 
  • Facebook click here
Why I love shoes ?  it because : 
So, what are you waiting for ? 
you know this information and you just need to order from dollhouseasia
then Fabulous!!!! 
Jadi kalian sekarang yang cari sepatu yang okok, coba deh ke dollhouseasia
Sepatu high fashion and bagus dengan harga yang ga mahal. 
Ga perlu pusing lagi dengan ukuran, warna, tinggi heels dam model
Dollhouseasia akan buat sesuai keinginan kamu 

Note : 
I'm not being sponsored by dollhouseasia. 
That shoes was purchased by my own money

If you want me to review your products (fashion, beauty products, education etc),
I'll be very happy to review them through attend your fashion / beauty/ education event. 
It is honor for me to attend your special event. ^^ 
Sponsors are welcome. 

I think that's all.
bye - bye 
Stay Gorgeous and Fabulous ladies! 

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