Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Event

Hello Hello 
Beauty Event! Yuhuu.....
Yeah so excited to attend this beauty event from Huge brand like YSL. 
Of course you are familiar with this brand right? 
This event was located at Taman Anggrek Mall, Jakarta
Metro Department Store at 2pm. 
Curious ? want to know more how was the beauty event.??

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I know this event actually at 11 pm, so I took shower and did my makeup in hurry! 
I don't want to miss this event la... 
"I got a hurry hurry hurry now, quick quick quick 
just step on the gas cause I don't wanna miss this" #alexisjordan #happiness #song #lol
and DANG!!!! Traffic as always T___T
I reached at MTA about 13.50 pm and glad to know that I didn't late. 

Yeah YSL is luxurious cosmetics products. 
They provide Foundie, Lipstick (FAVE!!!!!!), Concealer (FAVE!), powder, blush on and many more. 
I'm sure you already know this right? 
What's your favorite products from Yves Saint Laurent? 
In my opinion the Lipstick is the best and the Touche Eclat Concealer 

Oh yeah,I met some beauty Bloggers and very glad to know them. 
First, I know some people and I forgot their name but i know her blog's id 
 and second, I don't know the blog's id but i saw familiar face. 
very nice to chit chat with them. 
I met Maureen " Reen", Felicia Permata and Fweegy. 
They are so kind...hugs. I hope to see them next time.

Then the event start, and the MC did opening statement 
and welcome everyone to come to YSL's counter. 
During the MC welcome everyone, there were two men brought a little snack and juices.
The snack too cute . hehehe.
After that I took a pictures of the event (so i could show you how was the event look like)
and I was stuck while took Lipstick's picture.
Yeah My fave lipstick.....It was like the "ROUGE PUR" called me to have her. 
"buy me , buy me , buy me" lol #kidding
I decided to try on my lips some lipstick colors. 
I love nude, peach, soft pink colors. So i decided to try that colors. 
While I was applying the lipstick on my lips, I remembered that I have so many peach, nude color.
Ummmm.....One thing on my mind was I want to try new color which I never have it before.
Can you guess what it the color? hehehe...I will review that later..

 The MC asked one of beauty bloggers to let YSL's MUA makeover her. 
and so they started. 
Too bad I didn't take a picture because I didn't get right place to take a pic.
so many peps in front of the models took a pics too.
So i enjoyed myself to see the makeover. lol
Time goes fast. I looked at my watch and found that it was 3.15 pm 
I have to go to Kelapa Gading because i have made an appointment with someone. 
So I decided to pay the lipstick and the Beauty advisor gave me goody bag. 

YSL cake, little sample their new foundation, perfume sample, and serum sample 

too bad I couldn't see the event till the end. T__T

Bye - bye see you on next post!!!!
Oh yeah, it is honor for me to attend your beauty event
If you are interest, just send me an email to lidia(dot)ferlina(at)

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  1. awawawaw ada namakyu disebut... hahaha....
    curiousenough ttg lipstick yg km beli <3


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