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Valentine's day is NOT complete without Khloe Kardashian's Perfume, Unbreakable Bond

Hi Hi very nice and glad to see you 
thanks for visitiing this website. 
Well, this is my first time talk or review about perfume. 
doesn't mean this is my first perfume. lol 
I love to collect different perfumes and of course the bottles hahha
My bottles collection : Roberto Cavalli, 90210, Elizabeth Arden, Carolina Herera, CK, Versace , Gant any many more.

I start to collect perfume's bottle because I love it. My favorite are from Elizabeth Arden,
Carolina Herera , CK and Roberto Cavalli. 

Anyways I love The Kardashian very much. They are all my role model. 
Well, some people said they are bad, b***** or whatever. 
I just don't care. I love the Kardashian so much.
Oh yeah, if you want to know my Kardashian stuff collection
well, maybe you guys have a lot of or more kardashian stuff than mine. 
Yeah I'm from Indonesia and so hard to get their collection over here. T__T

Well, back to perfume. 
I bought Khloe and Lamar's perfume called Unbreakable Bond. 
This is Unisex perfume. So whenever you boys or girls, you can use it . 
I love love the smells. 
Is not too feminine or strong
Balance. Love it.
Well, so hard to describe how it smells since it perfume right? lol

But i will try my best to describe it to you guys. 
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Oh yeah, February is very Lovely months. Valentine day.
Valentine's day aaaaa so sweet. 
Most of you if you are couple in love, I'm sure that you go to dinner with your boyfriend
or do sweet thing each other. 

Valentine's day tips : 
By the way, Girls are always need to stand out her looks in front of her boyfriend right. 
I'm sure that girls prepare much, I mean from Clothing, makeup, Shoes, Accessories, Hair do, etc
But, let me tell you something that, sometimes don't put makeup too much on Valentine's day
Wear clothes which you feel comfortable when you wear it
but don't be too simple or too glamorous. 
You can use your accessories if you think that your clothes too simple. 
Accessories help you to maximize your look. 

And this is actually when the girls focus on her look, they almost forgot to put this on! 
Yeah. Perfume!!
Sometimes girls are busy with clothes, hair do, make up and etc. 
and then they forgot to spray perfume on!! 
That's BIG NO , NO for me!!!!
Perfume is a MUST!!!

Now, I'm going to review about perfume! 

Well, I'm sure most of you guys have watch The Kardashian on E! 
Their reality show is like bomb. wow love it .
I bet you guys already know or watch the episode which the making process of this Unbreakable. 
Khloe and Lamar fights because they disagree each other about the bottle style and etc. 
Khloe started to cry because just because perfume they had to fight each others. 

Khloe and Lamar has 3 perfumes in our fragrance base. Khloe and Lamar is a new fragrance brand. 
Unbreakable Bond 2011, Unbreakable Joy 2012 and Unbreakable Love 2013.

Well, this is exactly the bottle and the box look like. 
check this out! 

Product Details : 
  1. I love Khloe and Lamar's / Unbreakable packaging than Kim's perfume . 
  2. Contains 100 ml /3.4 Fl Oz
  3. Eau De Toilette spray. 
  4. Year introduce : 2011
  5. Fragrance Notes: Italian bergamot, Asian saffron and green apple
  6. The base brings sweet hints of dark chocolate and vanilla bean.
  7. Best Unisex perfume. Trust me!                                                                                                          sometimes girls love sweet smells on perfume and then her boyfriend dizzy with the smell. Lol . So, this is the best way of smell. Not too Strong and not too girly. Don't make your boyfriend feel dizzy because your perfume girls! 
  8. $ 45 
Oh yeah maybe you asked me what is the difference between Eau De Perfume and Eau De Toilette. 
Well, both of them are different.
Eau de Perfume has less alcohol and more on concentration oils in the fragrance.
So it will stay longer than others.
The amount of alcohol fewer on Eau de Toilette.
The level is like : Perfume , Eau de Perfume, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne. 
So, which one do you like? 
I prefer Eau de Toilette and Eau de Perfume. 

Yuhuuuuu now you guys look complete on your special day! 

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  1. tetep wangi ya say klo pake parfum heheheh (y)

    1. hahhaaa takutnya penampilan oke, tapi bajunya dr lemari bau. wkwkkw #kidding.


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