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Face complexion with Estee Lauder

Hello everyone! 
As you can see from the tittle, it means that thebeautypride is going to Estee Lauder's event! 
Well, I'm so excited to visit this event. 
This event located in Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. In Metro of course! 
In this event we gonna talk about........!!!!!!!
Curious right? So please continue to read this.... hehhee 

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Well, this is not my first time to attend a beauty event from huge brands like Estee Lauder. 
I'm sure everyone knows Estee Lauder right?  
On this Event, Estee Lauder Indonesia talk about how to find the best shades for you guys.
especially for foundation!
Foundation is the most important part of makeup. 
because Foundation is like the base or basic of makeup. 
The makeup result will not good without foundation. So, that's why we need Foundation.
In my opinion, the one of most favorite Foundations is Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

Ummm, perhaps most of you still don't know how to choose the best shades for you. 
But, don't worry, Estee Lauder Indonesia will give you a little secret! Lol
Yuhuuu, the main HOST....hahhahha
 I saw Familiar Face hhhahhaha......
Well, He is Erfan and The MC is .....Sophie as i remembered. 
(i'm so sorry if i miss-spelled or something. T__T)
So they started the beauty event! 

Before that, Erfan introduced me to another beauty blogger who senior than me la. 
I said "hi" and she is very kind too.  
Then, the moment that I was wait for start. 
The MC asked the Estee Lauder's makeup artist to come out! 
"Michael", MC shouted. 

OMG. Michael!!!!
Yeah I know him, because when I attended the last event from Estee Lauder, Michael appeared. 
lol. hahhaha
If you guys have read my previous post about Estee Lauder event, I'm sure you know Michael.
So, he started to show his makeup skills. 

let's get started
First of all, what you need to know is about your skin undertone. 
There are two types of undertone colors, they are cool and warm
Most of Asian have warm undertone, meanwhile the western have cool Undertone. 
 your undertone color never changes but your skin color sure could change.
If you have a warm undertone you will have a yellow, gold undertone to your skin.
In contrast, if you have a cool undertone, it means a pink or a bit red undertone.

Showing his makeup skills to the beautiful model, Mrs. Rani. 

Then the next thing to do is:
after you know your skin undertone, choose some foundation beneath your undertone type. 
Maybe you will find 1-3 closest  foundation colors for your skin.
Try to apply with little amount of foundation which closest to your skin. 
Then use a sponge to blend it well to your skin. 
And you will see the best shade for you which it seems like your natural skin
or perhaps like nothing (makeup) on your face 
What Michael found the best 3 closest colors for Mrs. Rina
But only one shade la suit to your skin
Yeah, she is Gorgeous Model, Mrs. Karenina. 
Pretty Right?? 

The third Model, Mrs. Wenny. 
Michael did the same thing to find the best shade for the three beautiful models.
After you find your foundation color, apply foundation to your whole face.
For Makeup: You can mix Advance Night Repair with Double Wear Foundation
(Your face will looks fresh, SAY BYE to tired face) hahha 
For Skincare :  Apply Advance Night Repair first before you put some foundation on. 
(Let the ANR absorb to your skin first. At least 10-15 minutes)

Then the next step is : 
Apply a powder to your whole face. 
No need too much, just a little amount of powder is enough! 
Don't forget to dab the powder brush.
This gonna help you to look not so heavy face ,because the ton of makeup. lol
Well, You can use a sponge, brush or whatever you like.
But in this demo, Michael used Brush to apply a powder. 
Yeah I do the same thing, I love to use a brush to put some powder on my face. 
In Estee Lauder, there is technique called "Powder Roll On"

Then you can apply some blush on, or you can do your eye makeup. 
Well, do guys know the reason why Estee Lauder Indonesia used three fabulous Models?
(Mrs. Rina, Mrs. Karenina and Mrs. Wenny) 
The answer is quite simple. 
The Estee Lauder  is a products for every woman in the world
Estee Lauder provides everything whether you have Pale Skin, Yellow Skin,
Medium skin and even dark Skin,
You guys can be beautiful, because Every woman can be beautiful. #quote

Well, very easy right to find your perfect shade?  
But, perhaps you don't have that  I MATCH SHADE FINDER.
No need to worry.
 Almost forgot!!!!!! Oooops... 
The good news is EL Double Wear Foundation comes with new foundation's colors.
It comes with 10 new shades!!!!! WOW
So, no need to mix or to buy two foundation colors to find your perfect shade. 
Estee Lauder is the Answer!

The Estee Lauder's Beauty Consultants will happy to help you guys.
So, just visit the counter and grab the The Best Foundation ever!
You can find Estee Lauder's counter in SOGO, SEIBU, METRO and many more.

Maybe you guys wanna know a review about Double Wear Foundation?

All review is HONEST from my own Opinion.
Me and Beautiful Gorgeous Karenina

Me and Mrs. Fabulous 
(hahhaha semoga yang difoto ini baca postingan gue. Amin)

Me with Mrs. Wenny. 
(sorry miring nih foto. )

With Erfan laaa....hehhehhe

I got some gifts from Estee Lauder Indonesia. 
one bag is the prize for answer the question. 
and another bag gift from EL indonesia For me.

keel calm and love Estee Lauder. 
bye bye see you on next posts. 

Oh yeah, it is honor for me to attend your beauty event
If you are interest, just send me an email to lidia(dot)ferlina(at)

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