Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week

Hello Guys 
It's time for Indonesia Fashion Week
I'm sure that you guys already know about this show, right? 
Ummmm, if you still don't know about it, I will explain to you! 
"Indonesia Fashion Week is the first fashion event which combines fashion shows and trade show. 
This event is not just showcasing latest designers with extravagant fashion shows
but also providing a complete fashion exhibition
(ranging from Women’s wear (Muslim, Casual, Cocktail & Party), men’s wear & kids wear, Accessories and Textile), seminars and competitions. 
All of these have one aim that is to accelerate the growth of local fashion Industry.
This event unites all important elements of fashion from designers, academic institutions,
business, association to government.
Indonesia has set the goal to be one of the prominent country in the fashion world.
The biggest fashion event in Indonesia is happening soon.
Don't miss the chance to take part in Indonesia fashion movement!"

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Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 will be held on 14-17 February 2013
at Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta.
I know most of you guys perhaps "busy" on February 14 as Valentine's day . 
I know date, or dinner with your gf/bf. 
But, don't worry guys, you are be a able to come on 15, 16, or 17. 
cool right???? 
SO, what are you waiting for guys? 
Don't say that you are fashionable girl if you don't know about Indonesia Fashion week!!

For more Information 
go to 
Indonesia Fashion Week (facebook) 

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