Friday, February 8, 2013

FOTD of Wedding Party

Hello, Thanks for visiting this website. 
Yeah. This post actually is all about wedding. 
My sister's wedding , Christine Ferlina. 
Well, First of all I just wanna say Congratulation for Andre and Christine. 
and May this be moment of full happiness, full of love  in your life. 
God bless both of you.
Ah, wedding......
Well, I have 2 sisters and one brother, and they are all have married. 
since I'm the youngest, of course I haven't married la. 
lol. I'm only 20!! too young to get married. hahhaa
Wanna post about FOTD. 
Check this out please!

Yuce F, Christine F, Me, Jemmy K. 
The more we get together the happier will be

My sister make up by Vivi Pinotoan, Surabaya.
 My dress by SECRET, Pasar Atom Surabaya lantai 3. (purchased by myself) 
Me with sis!! lol
Rings By princesspjewelry

My dress by SECRET, Pasar Atom Surabaya. (purchased by myself)
Earrings by Istuff, Atom Mall lantai 2, Surabaya (purchased by myself)
Rings by Princesspjewelry. USA (purchased by myself)

Products I used: 
Face :
  1. Make Up forever Primer, Pink
  2. MAC foundation. 
  3. MAC compact powder 
  4. PAC , shimmer powder 
  5. Benefit for Blush On
Eyes :
  1. Bh cosmetics Lip and Eye primer
  2. Bh Cosmetics eyeshadow pallete
  3. Estee Lauder Eye liner
  4. Chinese false lashes
  5. Naris Up Mascara
  6. Viva pecil eyebrow 
Lips :

  1. Bh Cosmetics Lip Primer 
  2. Estee Lauder Pure color! I will review this later... hehe

Well, I don't tell you the Specific shade of foundation and powder , it because
I'm sure that you and me have different tones. Maybe you are pale, or medium or whatever .
So, you have to know what shade best for you!
And you don't have to follow me or buy all the products which I used.
Because maybe you find that there are some products which better than mine or etc.
So, it's up to you guys.  

About the hair... Honestly I'm not really good at hair do. 
So, i asked the Salon to make my hair look good. 

And too busy to take pic, so I don't have so many pics. Because I have to welcome the guest. 

But I'm happy for my sister of course! 

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  1. We were served appetizers that were all very good - from flatbread thin pizzas to sliders that were larger than average and were cut in halves.
    reception hall

  2. Wow you look good with that wedding dress!! And I love those photos. I believe venues benefit a lot to every unforgettable event! I know VenueCenter has many beautiful venues in Dallas, Austin and Houston.


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