Friday, February 22, 2013

Fantasy Makeup

Hello everyone. 
Well, today i'm going to show you about my Fantasy makeup. 
Do you know fantasy makeup?
Fantasy makeup/ character or theme makeup.
Is makeup about being someone or character. 
Today i'm going to show you about my Zombie look. 
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Absolutely Not! lol
Well, I know it's not Halloween yet. 
But, I have to practice for my "performing art" subject at my university. 
It's all about makeup character. 
and I decided to create zombie look. 

"Found dead, a girl with brown blouse" 
Nah, just played with my makeup and brush. 

This is actually my first time. yeah first time practice. 

Products details: 
  • Tissue 
  • Any Color of Zipper
  • Liquid Latex
  • Fake Blood
  • Red Lipstick. I'm using Silky Girl no 10 . 
  • The Body Shop Concealer no 3 (as i remember)
  • Bh Cosmetics Palette Eyeshadow. (Red and black mostly)
  • Revlon Foundation 
  • and of course brush. lol 
  • Loose Powder

Don't get me wrong okay. hehehhe

How to create this zombie look is quite simple. 
  1. Apply liquid latex with your brush (any ) to your forehead. Actually near your brow line
  2. Then put your zipper to your face which the line you have applied with liquid latex
  3. Apply liquid latex on your cheek  
  4. Apply tissue on your cheek and let it dry 
  5. You can put some layer by layer on your cheek. its up to you. you can add 2-6 layers to your face 
  6. let it dry. you can use hair dryer with lowest level 
  7. Then apply concealer on your fake skin . Fake skin : tissue on your face 
  8. Apply foundation which match into your skin color
  9. Put some powder on your face
  10. Apply red eyeshadow on your mouth and nose area . blend it well
  11. Apply lipstick . blend
  12. Apply black eyeshadow. this black gonna help you to look like a real blood which is kinda dark
  13. Then....apply your fake blood to your mouth and nose. 
  14. Finish! 

"I want your ugly, I want your disease
 I want your everything as long as it's free
I want your blood..........blood blood blood . I ant your blood"

Yeah that's it. 
simple right? 
I won't do like this actually. But my class subject makes me to do it. 
See you on next post. 
I have 3 scary make up too which still havent post it yet.
So, keep reading my blog. 
bye bye 

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  1. aaaa so scary, lidia :( hahaha
    but awesome :D
    good job, dear :*

    1. Hallo. hehheeh. iya serem. thank you ya.
      btw salam kenal ya

  2. tadinya aku kira pas di share di grup IBB , aku kira cc lagi sakit atau apa ternyata make up , bagus sih makeupnya , keren bikinnya . lumayan serem sih wkkw .

    btw , follback blogku juga ya , followed blog cc :3

    1. hahhahaha kaya org sakit ya?
      kata temen ku aku nya yg sakit jiwa...gara" bikin makeup kaya gt. hahahah.

      thank you dear.
      ok di folback pasti.

  3. Replies
    1. kalo ga serem bukan zombie makeup dear. heheh

  4. yaampu lidiaaa km kreatif dah hahaha

    1. hahah jadi malu. *hugsdarijauh thank you

  5. Keren banget. Dimana beli liquid latex dan merk apa? Thx

    1. beli ajah di ebay. cari seller yg provide worldwide shipping. Because mostly liquid latex sold in US


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