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What Causes dark spot

Hello my lovely readers.
Thank you for visiting my website. It means a lot to me.
Well, as you know that Indonesia has hot temperature. 
The sun over here so bright, right? kekekke ^^ 
It is very important to keep our skin healthy, isn't it? 
Well, Everyone in the world want to have flawless skin.,
but I know sometimes it is very hard to get flawless skin, without acne, dark circle, dark spot, etc.  
From the small thing, such as treatment before you go to somewhere, it makes your skin progress rapidly. Most of people loves a simple things, (kebanyakan gak suka cara yang ribet kan? ).
Tapi kadang cara yang ribet itu yang bagus. hhahah......^.^
In addition, we have to keep our skin healthy, but sometime we do not know
how dangerous the sun's shine to our face. 
We have to protect our face from the sun's shine.
So what should we do?
Use umbrella everywhere? or wear hoodie or Jacket and wear the cap of jacket?
Well, that's good idea but still not best idea! We still need some protection more than outer! 
So what should we do to avoid the sun's shine? Check this out!
Read More

As i have mention before. that Sun's shine is very dangerous to our skin.
I know right now in Indonesia rain start to come but still we need cream to protect our skin.
We need some protection such as Sunblock or UV protection. 
Well, before you go out to somewhere , you have to make sure that you have apply sunblock to your face. The reason is you better to avoid the sun's shine , because it makes your face full with dark circle.
Scary right? I'm sure you are all want to have flawless goddess skin. hehhehe ....
.because i want flawless skin too.
Now i'm going to tell  you about how my skin rotundity, before I go outside.
Before i go outside, specially in the morning, I need to apply so many things to my face.
Because I'm afraid that my skin problem getting worse.
Ummmmm, my friends told me that my skin exactly already flawless, and it is like heartache for me,
because the fact is not like that. Let me show you something scary on my face......T.T.... 
please don't hate me because my skin problems. lol. please keep visit my blog.

Dark Spots already on my face (wtf*.*). Let me tell you something, the reasons why the dark spots appears. First of all, dark spot appears without see how old you are (mau kalian umur berapa , kalau emang waktunhya muncul, ini flek pasti muncul). So many reasons why the dark spots appears : 
  • It because of genetic problems. If you have mom or dad who has dark spot atau flek diwajah, hati hati, karena salah satu dari anak akan memiliki masalah yang sama. kok jadi ngomong pake bahasa indo wkwkkwk..... If you have mom or dad who has dark spot on face, you better be careful because perhaps one of the children will get the same problems on his/her face. In my case, my mom exactly has so many dark spot on her face, and from the 4 children, I got the dark spots. What a pleasure (wtf la)  (arghhhhhhhhhhhh...angry!!!!!!) I really hate this dark spot. So that's why I'm so afraid when I'm getting older, my face will full with dark spot. So that's why I post this for you to prevent this problems appear on your face and That's why i keep apply sunblock on my face. 
  • The second reason, it because we are not keep clean our face. I mean facial wash only it's not enough to remove the dirt on your face or a thousand make up you put on your face. So the best steps to remove the dirt from your face is start from make up remover---> wash your face----> apply toner to maximize that there is no any dirt left! If we are not clean our face correctly, the dark spot will appears, caused the stack of amount make up or dirt. 
  • Third, it because we are not apply the sun protection, such as Sunblock on our face. So the sun's shine directly to our skin without protection. This point I'm going to review a lot. So from right now, I do really recommend to you guys to apply Sunblock always before you start your day.
maybe you will ask me that why I got dark spot on my face? . 
But as I have mention before, In my case, I have dark spot because the genetic problems,
not because of I do not clean up my face correctly.
How do  I know because genetic problems, because i have consulted with some doctors, and they said that because genetic problems, without I mention about my mom's face condition.
Goshhhh........i want my skin flawless, please listen my prayers....^^

However, if your face flawless already, you still need to take care and use sunblock to prevent the bad things appears. Well , well and well, I use Sunblock from Wijaya SkinCare, Gading Serpong. Wijaya Skincare provides facial, skincare products with specialist doctor of course, and so many other treatment. I think Wijaya skincare is not only at Gading Serpong, maybe you know more information about wijaya skincare.
 This is how the box of sunblock look like .....

Product Details :
  • SPF 40 
  • Smells Good for me 
  • Packaging good, i don't like the pot one, 
  • Made in Korea 
  • 60ml
  • Rp. 179.000 (18USD)
  • Not sticky
well, im not being sponsored. all purchased by myself. I just wanna share with you 
Well, what I don't really like is : This sunblock is not dry fast.
So i have to wait longer to let it dry.
How to use it very simple :
  • After you wake up from bed, I'm sure you are all wash you face also rite ? hahhaaa (silly question) SO, start from wash you face
  • Apply your serum or essences. I apply my SK-II facial treatment essences . wait to dry around 5 minutes to let it absorb also
  •  Apply your eye cream (optional). I don't really like to apply eye cream in the morning. I use Belif for eye cream, Korean Brand. 
  • Apply moisturizer. I use SK-II cellumination deep surge ex. 
  • Then Sunblock, I use Wijaya Skincare, Minuszero. 
Well that's all my skincare rotundity, and little information about dark spot.  
^^ thank you

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  1. beneran bisa ngilangin dark spot nya say?
    iya psti bete klo dari 4 anak cm kamu yg ada, tpi km tetep cantiiiik ^^

    1. kalo ilang sih engga say. cuma sunblock kan mencegah flek tambah banyak. Paling memudarkan, kalo beneran ilang susah deh. hahhaha. Laser kalo mau bnr" ilang.

  2. Yaa itu sebabnya kita butuh perawatan dari luar...
    jadi semakin bertambah umur kulit kita tetep sehat ^^
    Laser mahal >.< trus harus intens perawatan juga kalau gag mau balik lagi...

    1. Yaa itu sebabnya aku review kalo semakin pentingnya pake sunblock.

  3. wow I do have same skin problem like you have.
    semua bilang mukaku flawless.. padahal ini dark spots banyak.. well, my fault krn ga perna pake sunblock muka, cuma ngandelin spf dlm foundie/bbc/bedak aja. **curcol

    anyway this post is really great! thumbs up for you for bringing this topic up <3

    1. aaaa sama yah. nyebelin banget kan T__T ada dark spot.
      btw salam kenal yah. hihi.

    2. BBC yang ada sunblocknya tetep kurang ya ? T_T

    3. Kurang dear. T_T
      lebih baik sndri sndri.hehee

  4. my mom also has dark spot... saya juga ada tapi untungnya ga buanyak2... masi aman lah.. hehehe..

  5. hi lidia,new follower here..
    salam kenal..
    setuju banget ttg reasonsnya,dan efeknya bysa blm kenatar skrg,tetapi nanti tua baru muncul smua tuh..hiihihih..sunblocknya beli dmn? sy sndri msh pke skinaqua,berhubung kulit super kering..
    but overall,thankyou postnya !!!

    1. Hi Shei.
      Beli di Wijaya Skincare hehe. udah kutulis beli dimana dear.
      Ku follow back yah.
      thank you dah mampir ke blog ku.
      very nice to know you

  6. Aku juga punya dark spot banyakkk banget dan karena genetik juga.
    udah seminggu ini pakai history of whoo khusus untuk ilangin dark spot.
    dark yang spot yang tipis udah mulai tipis,blom ilang yaa karena baru pakai seminggu.coba deh...tapi harganya mahal bangettt...

    1. setahu ku dark spot itu tetap ada, maksudnya ga bakal ilang. tapi memudar dark spotnya. kalau mau hilang bersih gt cuma laser.

  7. hai sis, salam kenal.. itu bisa ngilangin dark spot ya, atau cuma buat perlindungan aja? tapi aku jarang ke luar siang hari sih :LOL


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