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High Fashion Jewelry

Hello Gorgeous. 
Welcome to my website. 
Very nice to see you back to this website. 
Well, i'm going to talk about High Fashion Jewelry. 
Yeah they are Accessories. 
I'm sure that all of you love to wear beautiful Jewelry. 
Anyways, sometimes beautiful face, make up, dress, hairstyle are not complete without Jewelry. 

So, keep reading if you wanna know more about High Fashion Jewelry.

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Yeah My style is not complete without something blink, funky or everything that catch an attention. 
So, I do need something that make me confident. 
Yeah they are Jewelry.
Accessories is very important part, because this little things helps you to maximize your look.
Oh yeah, Valentine day is coming soon.
So, maybe you need something different of your look or
maybe if you guys looking for something for present to your girlfriend
this could be best present idea. lol 

As we know that sometimes we are going to buy something online but we are afraid that the quality is not same as the picture attach or any other reason, such as color or size, etc. 
But trust me, this seller offer best best best quality of her collections.

Today, I just wanna share my experience about online shopping on Jewelry. 
Well, one day i searched #armcandy on instagram. 
And I saw a beautiful gorgeous armcandy, and is like what I have been looking for. 
and I directly check to the owner profile and
OMG i found so many cute glamorous accessories on her instagram. 

It's like a WOWWWW
I want to buy these and those. 
they are totally awesome sets of armcandy, rings, necklaces and many more. 
curious about seller? 
Yeah she is beautiful Princess of Jewelry. 
Visit her Instagram @queenpee or you may visit her website to shop 
she is based on United States.
but don't worry she offers worldwide shipping

Queenpee with the customer

How lovely the collection right? 
Well, i'm not being sponsored or whatever. 
This is actually all from my heart. 
Yeah I love her collection so much, and
I want to share with you guys where to buy beautiful jewelry. 

My first order was Set of esther rose. 
Yeah they are armcandy and Mail came, i feel so excited. 
Cannot wait to open it. 

Approximately 35-45$ for those set of bracelets.
Next I fall in love with Rolly Polly ring. 
this ring comes with 2 tone mixed colors. 
So pretty. 
I do love with Rolly polly rings. 
But too sad that it is too wide for my finger. 
I decided to pick size 9 and queenpee was asked me if my fingers are wide or no? 
i said yeah it is wide. T___T
too bad too large for me. 
She offered me to change the size and return it back to her. 
But but but i think it will be takes time to send it back to United states since I'm from Indonesia. 
Wish that I stay in United states. 
Oh yeah, when i purchased this, I got free earrings and I chose pink flower earrings. 

Third package, what I bought is pretty lovely ring called brook lynn rose gold ring
and I chose size 8 since 9 too wide for me. 
and yeah too wide little bit again 
so, what i have to do when I wear this ring is put some tissue inside the rings. 

Well, I'm not blame queenpee. I just dunno exactly my size although queenpee sent me size converter.
No matter what I'm still Happy Customer.
I love her collections
But you guys don't worry, you just need to make sure it well. dont be rush like me. lol 
and I got beautiful earrings again from her. 
Omg thanks lot queenpee. I love it so much. xoxo. 
Brook Lynn Rose Gold ring.
It came with 2 different colors, rose gold and turquoise.

I got free earrings. so lovely and cute. super kawaii.

Gorgeous right? 
Really recommend seller and Must HAVE ITEMS. 
Maybe you confuse and think too much what should you buy for ur gf on valnetine day?
this could be best idea for valentine's present.
The price? 
Affordable. sometimes Queenpee provides coupon code for disc. 
yay. #clapyourhands

Oh yeah don't worry about the shipping fee. 
Because the shipping fee is international flat rate $10 
and it means worldwide shipping and of course you could get those beautiful accessories. 

But don't forget that international shipping takes time to arrived to destination. 
and you have to remember that there are tax that you have to pay if u do import something. 
But it is all depend on your country regulation. 
My country, Indonesia will charge taxes if the amount over than $50. 
Because queenpee is not responsible of the taxes. 

Anyways, interest to buy? 
once again visit 
or you can contact me if you interest to buy this products.
be serious customer.  

your accessories tell the world who you are and your accessories describe your personality look like. 
Stay gorgeous and beautiful ladies. 
bye bye. 

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  1. naksir awesome banget!!

    1. buka ajah dear website nya. princesspjewelry has addicted jewelry. lol

  2. gelangnya unik banget <3

    visit my blog ^^

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    And where can I purchase these type of fashion accessories and Fashion handbags online?

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