Friday, January 25, 2013

Face Mask by Faceshop

Hello Everyone 
Today, I'm going to show you my mask routine.
I believe that behind the good make up, there is good skin.
So, that's why it is very important to keep our skin healthy.
So many benefits if we keep our skin healthy.
So many ways to take care our skin.
You can eat vegetables, fruits or not to eat junk food etc.
But, that's not enough.
Mask helps to moist your skin, soften your skin, lighten your skin,
nutrient your skin, relax your skin and many more.    
Meanwhile, I do love make up and I feel bad if I do not take care of it.
Actually, you guys could make mask by yourself.
I mean you can add honey, tomatoes, cucumber, and many more in traditional way.
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Today, I'm going to show you Mask By Faceshop.
I don't use traditional mask, because too lazy to make it. Lol. 
Magic Pink Powder Mask from Faceshop.
This mask is wash off mask pack with calamine and salicyclic acid
for a flawless solution in easing  skin problems and provides care for troubled skin areas
by softening flaky and dead skin cells.

Products Details :
1. Cute Packaging.
2. Smells good.
3. Affordable price, only 125.000 IDR.
4. smooth your face
5. brighten your face
7. bye bye kulit kusam. hhehe

1. I need to take much to cover my whole face
2. Kinda small pot. So, there is not really enough mask there. Only 65 g.

How to use it is very simple.
You have to wash your face first. Apply toner
Then what you have to do is apply this mask to whole your face.
Avoiding eye and mouth area.
Let it dry to remain on face for an additional 15-20 minutes
Then rinse off with warm water.

my true story. So you can read it guys. 

 if you do keep routine to mask your face, I'm sure you will get the best result of it.
My skin feel smooth after apply this mask.
But don't depend on this mask only. You have to add others skincare routine.
Once again please be patient. There is always good result if we be patient on something.

Quite simple right?
Ummmm, I think that's all.
Hope it helps.
Bye bye.

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  1. I love face mask too... but I prefer home made DIY mask.. natural n cheap :D

  2. suka banget sama template cc , dari header background , dll , orangnya juga cantik :p

    btw , followed your blog .
    mind fot follback ? :3

  3. wah menarik nih! kayaknya bagus, lucu pula packagingnya. XD
    thanks for sharing



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