Saturday, December 29, 2012

SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX Moisturizer

Hello everyone. 
Glad to see you back to my website . 
I almost forgot to write this post
until one of my readers email me that I have promised to review about SK-II Moisturizer.
So sorry 
You can check my skincare routine here!
Well, lets get started!
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Yeah you know that Everyone needs good complexion skin. 
And actually make up without good skin looks awful , kinda sucks. 
So, that's why we need to apply something before we put make up on our face. 
You can do whatever you want before you put make up on your face, I mean the skincare routine. 
The more you keep it routine, the better result of your make up. 
If u have dry skin, it is very important to apply moisturizer before you apply foundation. 
But no matter what your skin type is, you must apply moistirizer!
And I trust my skincare routine into Asia's brand, than the western one. 
And I choose SK-II, Japan. 
Japan's brands are widely known as the best skincare products. 
Anyways, I always apply toner, essences, serum then Moisturizer before Foundation.

This is the products details of SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge Ex: 

1. I love the packaging. It is elegant for me 
2. It comes with Spatula, so It gives you hygiene function.
3. I love the smells, it is very good smells. Don't compare with Miracle Water lol.
    This Moisturizer has really good smells. Trust me!  
4. The Texture is creamy which is very easy to apply 
5. What I don't like is the price. I have to pay $142 for Moisturizer. But dunno why I still purchase this.
6. Moist your skin 
7. Make your face look bright with routine apply. 

So, that's all my favorite Moisturizer! what's your favorite Moisturizer? 
Bye - Bye

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  1. WOOW the expensive one....
    but worth it right ^^

    Visit my blog

    1. Yeah expensive for Moisturizer but I love it. sure i will visit your blog.

    2. Dear,,
      aku nominasiin blog kamu di liebster award
      check yaa

  2. I think I won't spend so much money to buy this product >.<
    but you get what you pay for, isn't it? xD

    join my giveaway ^^

    1. hahahaaa yeah when i was senior high school, one thing on my mind was " i will never buy SK-II brand" but don't know why I'm in love with SK-II since I know about beauty more.


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