Thursday, December 20, 2012

Minimal Fashion

Glad to see you back to this website
You know that Christmas is coming soon..
So it means we have to look for something new, maybe clothes whatever. 
Well, I do Love MINIMAL clothing Line. 
Their collection actually are awesome and of course I do love how they provide the colors
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Well, I have so many their New collection. 
When they have new collection, I'm absolutely buy it lol since I love it
These are exactly what I bought or my collection of Minimal. 
I have 5 their new collections. 

Itu contoh model yang kubeli. 

Products details (overall) :
  1. Good Fabric Quality 
  2. Provide from S-XL size 
  3. Good Style
  4. What I don't like is there is No discount overall. 
  5. They put price from IDR 225.000 UP for new products depend on the style 
About 2 style which are white and orange I haven't tried it. so I will update it soon when I try it. Lol

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