Friday, December 14, 2012

Kardashian Kollection Indonesia

Hello Everyone
Very Nice to see you back to my website. 
Thanks LOT 
Well, my inspired artist actually is The Kardahsian.
I love to watch the reality show and I follow everything about her.
Let's talk about Fashion today.
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I got DASH from Newyork and The kardashian Kollection from Dorothy Perkins, Indonesia
Since There is NO DASH in Indonesia, and I got one, I'm so happy
Means so rarely people wear this! yuhuuu


Wanna know about how the Kardashian Kollection is?
Actually, I just wanna go Central Park for pic my Gift from Lancome.
wanna know about it, click HERE
but before i reach Sogo, I decided to go to Dorothy Perkins.
and I decided to buy it. what a lovely day.
Well, actually the sales girl told me that there is HSBC promotion up to 20%
I was shocked because it means, the Kardashian Kollection's animal printed only IDR 447.000
from IDR 600.000
But the sad thing is I don't have any HSBC credit card. My sis own it, so should I back to home?
arghhh no! since my home and cental park Mall is quite far and I hate the traffic.

The sales girl told me that better wait until there is other customer who has the Card,
so I could give her or him any cash and he/she let me to use his/her card .
I think that's good idea. But I have to wait longer and I don't mind.
I decided to go Sogo to pick the gift from LANCOME
and I went to ATM to take some cash.

15 minutes later I came back to the Dorothy Perkins
and found there was customer who chose some clothes.
And you know what? I heard something familiar intonation.
Yeah, what we called as "medok"
haha, she's from Surabaya and so am I .
And i asked her to use her card to buy his dress and gave her cash.
She said It's ok.
OMG!!! I'm so happy that time. Lol
Really really thanks to her.

Oh yeah, actually there is no discount anymore. Only valid that time. haha
Lucky Me.

Wanna see me with The Kardashian Kollection?
Just wait and see.
I do love everything about Kardashian.
Because Their family exactly is my role model.
All Kardahsian is so sexy, specially my favorite are Kim and Kendall.
Gosh , they are all so damn damn pretty!

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