Friday, December 14, 2012

Hypnose Doll Eyes. Lancome's Mascara

Hello Everyone
Glad to see you back to my website. 
Today I'm going to review about Mascara. 

Well, actually my last Mascara is from Maybelline. 
But, the good news is I got Free Mascara from Lancome 
Many thanks to Lancome of course (^o^)
The Mascara called Hypnose Doll Eyes, and the price is 360k. 
And I got it as Free.
Thanks Lancome Indonesia
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Hell Yeah, super Happy. 
I entered the quiz from Lancome, and glad to find that I won. 
I think there are two bloggers also that won the mascara. 
( ´∀`)
They Told me to message in facebook and told me the way how to get it
So, I chose to pick up at Central Park, Sogo
Product Details : 
  1. Very good packaging. Looks elegance with black packaging. 
  2. It is triangle shaped,  I think look like a Christmas tree, thicker at the bottom and thinner at top (^_-)
  3. It washes off easily 
  4. I noticed it has a nice scent. Probably Lancome's perfume sprayed into this? haha dunno. just love the scent.
  5. It voluminous, separates and extends my lashes since I have tiny lashes
  6. Lashes are dry almost instantly
  7. what I don't like is quite pricey for Mascara. heehe. RP. 360.000
  8. No clumps. good ^^
  9. No smudges. good.
Check, before apply this Mascara, my lashes is not visible right? 
Untill I curl my lashes and of course apply this Mascara
See what happen to my lashes. Lol

But actually before I was reaching Lancome's booth, I stucked at Dorothy Perkins's store.
And you know la that The Kardashian Kollection is in Indonesia now.
So I decided to try something ^^
Wanna know More click HERE ^^
By the way thanks Lancome Indonesia

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  1. Woww, enaaak bngeet cici dpet mascara lancome gratis!!
    Anw, mascara nya bgs bnget bisa langsung lentik gitu!

    1. hahaha iya nih say. Puji Tuhan menang quiz nya. cuma sayang bulu mata ku dikit. hehhe.... ^^ eh barangkali mau join giveaway aku. hehe


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