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What's hair trend in 2013

My lovely Black hair. Photo session
Hello,thanks for visiting this website. hehe
Now, lets talk about hair. Hair is the one of important of the beauty.
Can you imagine if your face looks so pretty but your hair is messy like hell.
Lol . ga sedap juga dilihatnya kan? 
Well, I have very black hair and long. And I want to color my hair into brown or blonde, something like that. I want to color my hair since Senior High School, but always untill now I still haven't color my hair yet.
The problem is I'm afraid if my hair's health change worse. 
Some of my friends told me to color my hair and recommend me into some best Salon in Jakarta. 
But in contrast some of my friends are not let me to color my hair. Lol if u was me, u will be confuse la. 
Change color or hair style right now is something usual. Gonta ganti warna rambut adalah trend sekarang ini. 
In addition with the social media and Hollywood Artist or Korean style such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry's hair influenced our style too right? 
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Color your hair, it gives two impact, they are positive and negative. The positive side is you get the color which you want to.In contrast, perhaps damage (kering, kusut, bercabang etc, yucks)
Back to the topic.
My hair's health is in good condition, I have no problem with my hair. That's why I'm afraid to color hair because the negative impact.  So many salon told me to color my hair because  it still health. But so many salon too not recommend me to color my hair.
Gosh...what should I do?

Then one day I chose Hairchalk because I don't like to damage my hair with some ingredients on hair dye. I know the result of hair chalk is not good as if I hair dye my hair. But for hair's health I prefer hair chalk. hehe
Read my previous post about hair chalk  Review Hair Chalk.
In addition to complete my Gyaru looks, I decided to buy Wig than hair dye my hair.

The reasons why I prefer wig, are:
1. Wig will not damage your hair
2. I can change the style of the hair with the color I want too. (ada wig yang bisa dicatok kan? atau beli lebih dari 1)
3. I can change my hair color with wig quickly. (beli lebih dari 1 wig)

But, here the negative sides :
1. Your hair look is not natural.
2. Umm, ribet. I don't know how to say In english. Lol.
    You have to use hair cap, then put the wig correctly
3. If you want to change the style or color, you have to buy more than one. Means cost increase lol

But but but, there are some brands of wig which give you Natural looks. I recommend you to buy PINKCOCO wig. Wig divided into 2 type, they are human hair and synthetics. Synthetics wig gives fake looks and sometimes it shiny. But Pinkcoco wig is not give you shiny look. But I recommend you to take pic without flash heheh..It still kinda shiny but less than other brand.
PINKCOCO WIG is the best wig, because so many style and colors. You can choose the length from short, medim to long. I prefer long ^^

Style Bo peep Bo peep TARA. hahha

Now you have seen me with wig and not use wig. Which one good for me? Black or brown?

help me to decide which one is good for me? 
Black or brown? thanks 
I ordered from Princess Butik. ^^. Only 300.000 IDR
Coffeebrown Hair

My lovely Black Hair 

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  1. love Coffeebrown Hair :)

  2. suka rambut yg coklat cie, keliatan sexy and so stunning :p

    1. hehhe makasih dear, Amelia ^^. pengen punya rambut coklat beneran nih tapi takut cat. T___T

  3. I like both looks really. Both give you different looks. The black one gives you a kinda more sexy and more fierce you and the brown one shows the more feminine flirty cute you. Both looks are different but stunning at the same time so I guess imo, just use wigs. Win win situation. The maintaining on colored hair are expensive anyway but if you don't care and want to try it out once then go for it because then you can sy ok i try it, like it and now i am over it or loving it. :)

    1. Hahhahaha I agree with the concept of win win solution. ^^. SO true that the maintaining on colored hair are expensive. It is very nice to read your comment to this post. Hugs hugs :)
      By the way I love to watch your tutorial, and I love love love your pronunciation. I wish that I could pronounce very well like you .

    2. Aww thank you! I appreciate the comment and support as well as you watching it. Oh pronunciation? I still make mistake and it took a long time to learn that lol. Living in usa helps i guess :) anyway, thanks so much. Xoxo

    3. I love the tutorial of Simple smoky look using drugstore brand New York Color (NYC). ^^ I want to continue my study In US, but i'm not sure about that. Actually tired of studying lol .

  4. Hihi, aku paling suka modifikasi gaya rambut. Potong sana-potong sini, coba hairclip, cat highlight dikit, hihi. Oiya suka rambut Kakak yang pakai tanktop item, kayak Bella Swan. Iya bener, kalau rambut rapuh mending jangan diwarnai. Aku dulu sampai nyiksa rambut gara-gara pengen kece, warna blue black terus dilurusin. Mampus, rambutku bercabang :'( Kapooook ...

    Pakai wig cokelat aja Kak, lebih 'manis'. Itu yang item keliahatan sexy oleh karena tank topnya, hehe.

    tapi Kak, judulnya kok gak matching sama isi? Kupikir model rambut 2013 itu bob, atau kriting atau dilurusin, atau kriting gantung. Gak tahunya pakai wig, yahhh ... hehe. Tapi suka ekspresi wajahnya. Lucu:)

    1. Hi dear. thanks for stopping by. By the way, sebenernya aku mau bahas gaya rambut 2013, dan gaya nya memang bob, curls atau straight gitu. Nah, Itu yang curls sebenrnya yang wavey gede yg pake tank top item atau cuma wave. Karena aku ga mau cat atau keriting rambut ku pake obat blah blah blah, jadi aku beli wig dengan gaya 2013, dan wig itu bisa diapain ajah. Kalau kamu liat Asia next top models atau Tresemme iklan nya itu, sebenernya lewat wig ajah bisa. aku bingung gimana jelasin ke kamu yang model iklan yg kumaksud. hahhahhaha. yah pokoknya intinya gitu. thanks lot btw

  5. Suka yang brown .. Terlihat cute banget .. cocok di mbak :))


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