Thursday, December 6, 2012

Estee Lauder Hongkong Make up artist

Hallo my lovely readers, What's Up?
This time, I'm not going to review something,
but I want to share how Estee Lauder's Beauty workshop is.
I'm totally super happy to visit the counter of Estee Lauder .
Estee Lauder has so many amazing products and also Nicest staffs ever.
Estee Lauder's chief make up artist Hongkong came to Indonesia. Totally super excited ^^
Kapan lagi bisa ketemu sama LEO WONG, Estee Lauder's chief make up Artist Hongkong
 He is looks like Kyuhyun, Super Junior. ^^ I'm so excited to write this post.
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I went to Mall Taman Anggrek Indonesia at 12pm
When I was reaching there, Leo was going for lunch too.
So, I have to wait him because I want to see him make over someone.
At 2pm, he was back to the counter and I asked the beauty advisor about this event.
Not so many people over there because that time still 2pm.
Mall will be crowd at 5-9pm.
I told the beauty advisor that I want to see Leo make over someone.
I want to see his technique, so I could learn from him.
But there is 1-3 persons over there, and the beauty advisor asked me to become his model to make over.
Well, I have applied make up to my face before, and the beauty advisor told me to remove it.
I have no choice , because only me and another person came to the counter of EL


Leo's pick IVORY CREAM

Leo's translator

EYeshadow : Cyber Lilac and Cyber Gold. Very recommend!
(single eyeshadow with vibrant color only 250IDR. must have)

I didn't apply any eyeshadow before ( before make over by Leo) and this is like Magic.
How nice! Look the colors! I love it. ^>^

Make over by Estee Lauder , totally Love it. 

The picture above is the list of what Leo's has put on my face. 

As I mixed blood, Chinese - Indonesian, I know Chinese language little. 
And sometimes I know what Leo said. 
And I heard that he said my style actually is Japanese / Gyaru Style. 
(in Chinese language and I know what he said in that language). What? how come he knows that? 
I did never mention that I love Japanese make up..
hahhaha. He is expert of make up course. That's why he knows alot.

SO, how's it?  heheehe Make up Artist of Estee Lauder is so damn amazing ^^ 
That day was my happiest day in my life, 
meet and make over by Leo Wong. Thanks Estee Lauder  and Leo Wong too^^
Let's  go visit Estee Lauder counter!!!!!! Good poducts and nice staffs. 
Bye bye my lovely readers. See you in the next posts. ^^ 

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