Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dramatic Eyelashes

Hello my lovely readers. I just wanna say thanks lot for visiting this website. I hope you like all about what I've posts.
Well, If you want to transform your face completely, You will need a ton of make up and of course eyelashes. kekkeke. Eyelashes is very important and you cannot miss it if you wanna make someone say "wow, you are so different" Lol. As i have posted it before Review : False eyelash, for Japanese Makeup, Eyelashes is a must.  Jadi jangan sampe ini lashes ga dipakai....hahhaa
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Jarang yah denger nama merk Diamond Lash ini...Ini produk jepang guys.
Diamond Lashes have three series, there are pink, purple and green case.
Well, as long as I love Green so much, I decided to buy the Green case. hahhahahaa.
Before I have my own blog, I already known about this porducts. And that time Diamond Lashes wasn't popular like now.
For green case, you can find 5 different models. They are all cute and  I don't know what should I do?
So confused that time and I want to buy all of them, because this one so cute, and those one cute too. Lol. But for eyelashes should I spend all my money for this porducts?
So I decided decided to buy this Diamond lashes. 

Actually there are 3 different products that I bought but that is for next review.
Because I haven't try it yet 
If you interest about Diamond lashes, you can asked me where to buy this lashes

Celebrity Models

For Privacy ^^ 

Celebrity Model in Green Box
Details Diamond Lashes :
  • Good Quality 
  • Dramatic looks
  • 5 pairs 
  • Not so expensive for 5 pairs eyelash
  • can be use more than once
This is How i look with Diamond Lashes...
If you interest about Diamond lashes, you can asked me where to buy this lashes, just send me a message to Contact Me  Because some sellers only sell some types, whereas in the fact Diamond Lashes provide so many types/models.

Thanks for visiting this page. Bye bye~Hasta la vista baby!

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  1. wah bagus ya.. tapi tetep keliatan natural yah ? >.< aku pkir bakalan heboh hhehhehe

    1. hihihi engga say. cuma kalau pas merem matanya kelihatan heboh. tapi kalau dibuka yah kelihatan dramatic cuma biasa ajah. hehihihi

  2. kalau pas matanya ditutup memnag keliatan dramatic banget ya haha..cuman keliatan natural kok kalau biasa2 aja..nice :)

    1. Iya. hhehe tapi sebenernya dramatic atau engga depend on pandangan seseorang. Contohnya menutur aku biasa ajah, tapi bagi orang lain dah wow banget. hihiihi......cuma bener, kalo nutup hebohhh

  3. keliatan heboh sih menurut aku, tapi hasilnya tetep bagus yaa *suka*

    1. hhheeh iya. sebenernya heboh atau engga nya depend on persepsi seseorang. tp kalau agak jauhan dikit biasa ajah. hehe

  4. Love the look that eyelash gave for your eyes. It def adds more definition to your looks. Awesome.

    1. Yeah, actually I have a little eyelashes. huuhuhu T__T. that's why I love to use Fake Eyelash.

  5. cantik deh ^^ rambutnya juga lucu <3

    ilike your your new follower. maybe follow me back? :D

    1. sure sure i will follow you back, thanks lot dear


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