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Best and Perfect Coverage Foundation: Estee Lauder's Double Wear

Hello. Thanks for visiting this website. 
Well, Everyone needs Foundation when they do make up. 
You cannot escape your make up rotundity from Foundation. 
I'm sure that all of you want to have flawless skin, but the fact is flawless skin is hard to get T.T
So, that's why we need foundation to cover our weakness on our face.
So, I just Bought new foundation and for me I'm in love with this foundation.
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As my BB Cream Skin79 was run out, I have to buy something whether BB cream or foundation.
I went to Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta alone T__T and that means shopping alone. 
The good thing of shopping alone is no one will interrupt me or disturbing me to buy these and those. 
But the sad things is I cannot control my desire to buy this and that. Lol
I went to SOGO PIM, and looked for whether BB cream or Foundation. 
I went to Belif's Counter and found that they have BB cream but the BA was out for Lunch. 
So, should I wait? Arghhh No. I don't like to wait. 
I need to ask so many things first before I buy products, but there was no BA over there. T.T

Then I decided to visit Estee Lauder's Counter
The Beauty Advisor welcome me very very nicely. 
What I like about Estee Lauder is the products so damn good and The BA's are nice. 
I'm sure they trainee very well. 
I love Estee Lauder's BA compared to others BA
Sometimes if you love the products and want to buy, but The BA is ignore you, 
what do you feel huh? Still want to buy the products? NO.
My experienced was One day I went to one mall, no makeup, no heels, just simple hair, 
and Guess what? They treat me so bad. I asked and they ignore me!!! WTF laa. 
Since then I don't like to buy their products although the products are good
But Estee Lauder's Beauty Advisor never treat me like that. So keep it Up^^
Very good Job to Estee Lauder
Anyways, the BA welcome me, named Michael.
while Michael explained to me about foundation, I met 姐姐 Stevi, check my previous post about Estee L HERE. After make Over by Leo Wong,  totally in love with the foundation because very long last.
Back to the Topic, hehe. Michael asked me what coverage I need of Foundation. 
I said that I need Medium to Full Coverage. 
and Michael gave me Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
Meanwhile, I want to buy foundation's shade which Leo Wong had apply it for me before HERE
But that time (in SOGO) I didn't remember the shade's name, 
So, surprisingly Leo appeared to the counter 
I said HI with waving my hand and he was waving his hand too. 
                         and 姐姐 Stevi explained to him that I need his help to choose the shade.
Met Leo again .... ^^ ....
He chose Estee Lauder Double Wear, and Ivory Cream is my shade. 
So, i decided to buy it.
As always The BA offered me this and that, not let me go to buy one products only. Lol
They offered me Powder, Skincare, Lipstick etc.
And I bought another products which I need it.
Not going to tell you , that's for next review. I want to focus on Foundation first. 
hahhahhaha.....SECRET ^. >
Ce Stevi and Me
This is how the foundation look like.
Product Details :
The reason why we need Estee Lauder Foundation (I'm in love with this foundie)
  • The Coverage is Medium to Full. But more Full Coverage. Best!!!!!
  • It Blends very Well! 
  • Doesn't look heavy at all. It looks your skin
  • I recommend you to apply this foundation with Foundation Brush for maximal looks.
  • For Oily skin, I recommend this to you. 
  • SPF 10
  • Stay 12-15 hours
  • This Foundation doesn't break me out. (happy...yippy)
  • So many shade's color. So you don't have to worry about the shade the best for you. But choose the best shades for you. Because although when you are sweating, this foundie still stick to your skin.
  • I don't like the packaging. So old stuffs. Please Estee Lauder come with pump packaging. 
  • To remove this amount of foundation, you have to make sure to clean your face with milk cleansing    or removing cleanser. Wash your face with facial wash only IS NOT enough since it very stay longer than other foundation.
  • The Price : 380.000 IDR (39 USD).Pricey?                                                                                        Not really, because I found that this products is must have item for me. 
  • Totally purchase it again ^^ 
Meet INDRA. best BA 
SO what are you waiting for ?? Still confuse what the best foundation for you?
I recommend you to Visit Estee Lauder's counter now. You can find Estee Lauder's products at SOGO, METRO, SOME MATAHARI DEPARTMENT STORE and many more. Ask so many things to BA, don't have to worry if your questions are a lot, because they are very nice Beauty Advisor.

So final opinion about this foundation is I love this foundation and In love with this foundation. For me, this is the best foundation, good coverage and doesn't look cakey at all. I would recommend this to you guys if you are looking for foundation. Don't hesitate to buy this foundation. I have tried Laura Mercier foundation too CLICK HERE TO READ MY POST ABOUT LAURA MERCIER, but this foundation really good to my skin tone.  What you need of foundation, all inside in Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. No need touch up, thats Double Wear foundation.

Well, Meet Michael at Plaza Senayan. 
(No Pic with Michael, so sorry)
Meet, Indra at Grand Indonesia , SEIBU
Since I have Estee Lauder foundation, and I know how good the result is.
I don't think that I go to BB cream anymore. Because some BB cream's price is quite high too,
and if I spend more money bit, I get Foundation. So, i prefer foundation than BB Cream. 
(my opinion )
I'm in love with this foundation and this post in truly from my heart. No sponsor, purchased by myself.
So, Thanks lot for visiting this website.
Bye - bye.

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  1. Oh yes i totally agree abt this. The BA here gave a week sammple to try and i like it. I just still have 2 foundation and want to make sure i finish those before ibuy a new one. Another one i want to try is chanel. Great review and gorgeous pics all of u!!

    1. thank you ^.^ Same here, I want to try Chanel and Dior. But the sad thing is why Dior Left Indonesia? I don't really like to buy foundation online. Because I'm afraid the color doesn't match with my skin tone. Because I bought LM online, and very dark for me . T___T

  2. is it really 390k? >_<
    since looooong time ago i want to buy this foundie, but i hear from some people that the price in counter is 400-bla..bla..

    would you take a photo with flash when you using this foundie?


    1. I'm not sure today will update this post. Because I don't have to go anywhere today, so no need to put foundation on my face. Perhaps on Sunday, bcs i have to go church so i can put this foundation on my face with flash. thanks

  3. I love this foundation too. It's okela for the price :)) Used to use it but now currently using Chanel. Estee Lauder has one of the best foundations :))

    1. Yeah. Before I know makeup a lot, first thing on mind is Estee Lauder is all about Mama-mama brand. Lol. but right now I'm totally in love with all the products. Chanel is awesome brand. I don't know the coverage. I only have chanel lipstick. Wanna try Chanel too ^^. It says on , the coverage is medium , I wanna ask your opinion as Chanel user. hahaha...

  4. This one is my go-to foundation :)


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