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Review : Piccola X2 circle lens

Hello my lovely readers. Thanks for Visiting my website.
I'm sure that most of you guys know this products so well (circle lens). But the one of my readers asked me to post something about lenses.
Circle Lenses for s must have products. The reason is I need to use it because i don't like to wear Spectacle.
Well in Indonesia, so many online shop or stores that sell a circle lenses. You can find them at mall or you just go through the website and order them. Circle Lens also has so many colors, such as Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Gray, Pink, Purple and many more. If you are Cosplay Lovers, you can order the lenses and the most online shop has cosplay patterns. So, what are you waiting for ?
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Well the positive side using lenses are:
1. Help you to see clearly without spectacle
2. Make your eyes bigger
3. Create cute looks
4. Change your eyes color like what you want to.
The Negative side :
1. Your eyes turns red (irritation )
2. You cannot (kucek-kucek mata ) ribet ah inggrisnya wkwkkw
Oh yeah, I love dark colors for circle lens such as Black, Gray and Brown / Hazel. I don't really like bright color because it seems not fit me since i have black eyes. I'm wearing A plus and the diameter is 14,5mm (its already enough for me) . A plus or X2 also provide so many variety of patterns.
This is exactly how it looks like, and you can find this in Any mall. (well mata aku beda minus, jadi harus beli 2 box...hiks, kalau di online shop bisanya kalian bisa mix bagi yang punya beda minus seperti aku) .
X2 Piccola Baby Eyes information :
  • Diameter : 14,5
  • 42 % water 
  • 58 % polyhema
  • This lens is not makes your eyes tired, very comfy!!!!
How to use circle lens is super easy. I know i can say like this because i have been using lenses since Senior High School. But for the beginners, it looks so scary to put something inside our eyes right? (i know exactly how the feeling , lol)
How to wear it, just follow this instructions :
1. Wash your hand . Keep it clean
2. Take your lenses into your finger
3. Make sure the position is like in these picture

4. Open your eyes wider and Make sure that you put it correctly into your eyes.
5. DONE!

This is how i exactly look like with and without lenses?
Without lens
with lens 
 What do you think? I bet you are all say so different , right? Circle Lenses makes complete your look. hehehe...If you love Gyaru make up, sure u need soft lenses to complete your look
My Gyaru Make up

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  1. belum pernah cobain piccola, nama merknya lucu btw. hehe... n kamu jg cantik loooh ^^

    1. Hallo ^^ iya lucu nama merk nya. hehhe ah jadi malu dibilang cantik. thank you

  2. aku juga pakai lens ini,soalnya natural kalau dipakai daily ^_^

  3. hihihiih bagus yah emang. ^^ nyaman bgt juga dipakenya walaupun berjam"

  4. ada warna Hijau dan grey gak dear??? ^^

    1. ada beb^^ .
      mending check ke star atau centro deh, Hijau bagus loh dimata^^ murah lagi harganya. hehehe

  5. is it just me or in the last pic you look like Stella Lee :o aku kalo pake soflens kotakan susah musti beli 2 box ahaha T_T minus mata kanan ama kirinya beda jauh

    1. Hahaha...thank you dear dibilang kaya Stella. ^^ Sama dong, aku juga beli 2 box. Satu plano satunya 0.75. Ribet yah kalo beda minus. hehhehe


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