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Perbedaan antara Make up Jepang dan Make Up Korea

Hi All my readers. Thank you for visiting my page. ^.^ I LOVE MY READERS.

Well, lets talk about the East Asia Country, which are Japan, Korea and China.
First of all, they are all have a significant difference. We can see the difference from the culture, what they do, physic, values and many more. Well readers please don't take me wrong, ( just gonna explain, bukan mau ngomongin SARA DLL) PEACEEEEEEEE...hhihihihi.......

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As we can see right now the fact is Japan is the most powerful country in Asia. Japan known as the industrial country, best technology, food (sushi, yakitorri monjayaki etc), culture, and what i love about Japan is about the Fashion street ( Gyaru / Japanese girl who always look cute like a doll, and  Ganguro / Japanese girls who looks scary, I mean they transform herself with dark skin, white make up around eyes and lips, and the wig also. ) but honestly I LOVE Japanse Gyaru and Ganguro looks. Japan also known as the make up style and harajuku fashion street.
Ganguro Looks
Hime Gyaru

Japan has influenced my life so much. What make me love Japan, it because of Detective Conan comics and DVD. I started to love Japan more and more. Well i have prepared take Mandarin course for 3 months because My Uni has 2 elective languages that i have to choose which Japan language or Mandarin. Well because i know a little bit of Mandarin, so I prefer to take Mandarin. But You know what???? I cannot take Mandarin because i had class (Indonesia's Foreign Policy) with the same time with Mandarin! GOSHHHH...what to do, so i have to choose Japan language. Since then i know about Japanese words, characters, culture, conversation and many more. Maybe fated with Japan. hahhahaha
Then i love to listen Kumi Koda, Yui, Ikimonogakari, and many more. Love Japanese songs so much.....!!! Dorama, Manga etc are from Japan.
Anyways back to topic, Japanese people are also known as hard working people, polite, ON TIME, grown with the community, organized, expresive, and many more.
From the physic, Japanese people have oval face and the make up is kinda thick. Well I love the way japanese people do the make up. I'll explain to you the difference between japanese make up and Korea make up.

If we talk about Korea, what's something cross your mind? Something cross my mind is KPOP. hahahaa
Korea is one country that known as KPOP industries. SNSD, SUPER JUNIOR, CNBLUE, BIG BANG, 2PM, f(x), SECRET, etc are group of boy band / girl band over there. Well the Korea's Industries had grown up rapidly also from the K-Drama industries. I'm absolutely sure that all my readers have seen Korean drama. What's your favourite drama? Lets Share..... hehhee.. I love "He's Beautiful, Heartstring, Winter Sonata, I do  I do, My princess and many more. (this page gonna be Full list of my favourite drama if i have to mention it all.) lol lol .
How about food? No doubt. Korean also has delicious food (Gimbap, Yukgaejang, tteokbokki etc) . Ummm....Korea i think the best place for people who gonna have plastic surgery. Most korean people do plastic surgery to make her look prettier. Plastic surgery is not taboo like in Indonesia's culture. Well, so many indonesian people go to Korea, just for plastic surgery. Why? because the price is cheaper than other country and the result is good,  not gonna make you cry. lol. DAEBAK!!! HWAITING!

From the physic, Korean people have monolid eyes, and the face shape is perfect! They have killer chick bone. So hard for me to explain this. hahhaha...better you see the picture of Kim Tae Hee , Yoona (snsd), lee hyo ri, etc. Seeing their picture is the best explanation to describe how they look. lol

As you know that the most korean people is profesional worker, they do competitive each other, eficient, discipline, have value of life and very very very polite. They use Banmal to someone with the same age or to friends. But if they have to talk with someone older, they use Jondaemal (poliete version).
 Well, from drama industie, there were some actor/ actress died because they feel that they lose from the other competitor. (what) please readers don't do this, it is just an example how their competitive system. But i dunno the real world, i just heard from news (gossip or rumors maybe ) kekekke...

Chinese best known for Great Wall and also known as the cheap products and the most population in the world. Chinese people are known very hard work, entrepreneur, and take risk.  Of course Hard working. why? because as i have mention before that china have biggest population, so they should be competitive each other.
Chinese people have round face and fair skin of course like japan and korean does. The food of course delicious, I love dumpling so much. hehehhe....If we talk about the language, chinese's characters are known very hard to memorize and chinese have 4 different tones. Well, different tones different meaning. So be careful to say something. hahaha JIAYOU!

we talk about Make up!!! i think this part is what you are waiting for. Very long introduction. heheeheh sorry guys. Dont close this page please.

The korean make up is totally different from Japanese makeup.

Japanese Make up
1. After Make up, the looks more dramatically visible (transformation after make up visible drastically)
2. Japanese Make up use dramatic crazy wild lashes.
3. Thick eyeliner
4. They use Eyeshadow with bright color or soft depend on the what they gonna look. I mean if ganguro looks of course they gonna use white eyeshadow around the eyes. what i wanna tell u exactly is they use eyeshadow brighter than korean makeup.
5. blonde ashy hair
6. they look cute like doll
7. the eyebrow has shape like western style
8. In my opinion, they just rare to use lip tint

My Korean Makeup
Korea Make up
1. More natural than Japanese
2. Softer eyeshadow used (brown mostly used)
3. No dramatic false lashes. (sometime they use it but they prefer natural one)
4. baby pink blush on
6. Bb cream is must make up product
7. soft lipstick
They prefer look natural than thick make up . Natural is pretty
8. The eyebrow is straight.
9. lip tint

Korean Make up. SEE HOW MY EYES 
Korean make up

Japanese Make up . Look the eyes.

Japanese make up

Japanese Make up. See the dramatic eyes
Well i think thats all. If i missed something, i will edit this post and add some new information.
Sorry this blog is not many mistakess perhaps...huhuhu T.T
thanks for visiting this blog.
now which one u like most? Is that Japanese Make up or Korean Make Up?
If u wanna ask me my own opinion. i choose.......
JAPAN! why? because i love this country. Japan exactly has influenced my life a lot. I wish that i could go to Japan someday. Ameen.
hahaha. but i get used go to University / camppus with Korean make up, because Japanese to dramatic. lol. If i go to mall, of course i used japan make up. NOW, your turn to decide whether Japanese make up or Korean.
I hope this information help you. THANK YOU.

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  1. nice post dear ^^
    style km lebih ke korean it..cantikk!!!

  2. Haloo Dewie Aprillia, Thank you dah mampir blog ku. Iya kalo ke campus ga berani dandan aneh" or pake bulu mata palsu kaya make up Jepang. Tapi kalo lagi jalan gitu aku suka make up jepang,. hehhe

  3. cantik banget yak!!!

    follback yah say^^

  4. wahh
    iya sii
    kalo makeup korea emang natural bgt..
    tpi aq sndiri si lebi suka qm pke style yg jpang..

  5. aku lebih suka dengan style makeup korea buat sehari-hari, tapi kalau untuk acara2 istimewa kayaknya hime gyaru lucu juga ya :)

    new follower

  6. Dewie Aprillia . Makasih dibilang cantik. kekkeek...jadi malu #blushing.
    Kamu juga cantik kok... udah aku follow back yah. hehe

  7. Hallo CiKey Kim, nice to know you yah. kekekek....Iya nih Jepang lebih lucu kesannya. wkwkkw

  8. Hallo Mutiara Tanjung . Iya, agree!!! hehhe. aku follow back yah

  9. Hallo salam kenal ya, nice post ^^
    Aku lebih suka makeup jepang sih soalnya mataku kecil! ahaha kalo terlalu natural akhirnya ga keliatan :p
    Btw u looks pretty with japanese makeup xD

    New follower here ^^.. Hope u can follow back my blog :D

    1. hahaa sama nih. aku juga suka Japan's style than Korean. Sure i will follow you back. btw join giveaway ku yah. hehhe thx

  10. Perbedaannya dijelasin ... wih .. hihi

    Hmmm... dua-duanya tetap aja cantik ...

    Hihi ... aku mau juga loh dipolbek :)

    1. Thanks dear. #blush sure will follow you back


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