Saturday, November 3, 2012

祝你生日快乐. My most Favorite Birthday Greeting

Hello my readers.
Well, today is my birthday (so...?)  祝你生日快乐 and I Want to share happiness with you all. Turning 20 years old already.
First of all I want to thank Jesus Christ for everything, His bless to me never stop. Thank You my Lord , Jesus. Then I want to say thank you to my family  谢谢,我的妈妈,爸爸,哥哥,妹妹. 我很高兴. 我爱我家. Read More

Well what exactly I want is to be better person in God's way, success in my study, success in my career, success to find someone speacial (^___^ coughing), success with this blog, and I want to go Japan 我想去日本someday (AMEEENNNNN!!!!!) 我想去长城, 我要很多钱 (hahahaha). I'm so happy today and i got so many text messages from phone, facebook, email and BBM. 
Well I'm so excited and happy to write this, and i really appreciate them.Thank you all.

#bestfriend.Temen Kuliah yg ucapin pertama
Temen sementor, paling kocak
Ada hal hal unik yang ducapin temen - temen aku sih, ini contohnya :
Mereka tau banget, aku Big fans of Nicki Minaj. Sampe diubah gt nama ku. lol...

Ini salah satu Minaj Edition. Exclusive 
anak dorm favorite.
Thanks semua nyaaa

Adik kelas terkocak!!!! #bestfriend #teamnikciminaj

 Minaj Edition udah dibahas, skrg ke Bff gue. Yuk di check hehee : 

Temen SMA, les matematika,se gang,
temen SMA yg 1ST ucapin, temen ngebis brng
#bestfriend #bocahedan #pengyou
Temen SMA,les Matematika,
se gang - temen ngebis bareng
#bestfriend #bocahedan.
temen sma kedua setelah Handy yg ucapin. 

Temen SMA and Les Matematika
#bocahedan #bestfriend
Temen SMA #bestfriend #bocahedan
Temen SMA TERSEGALANYA #bestfriend
#money #pengyou
Temen SMA, les Matematika
#bestfriend #pengyou
Nih Calon New yorkers Sinting. haha
#salamboba #bobalicious #bestfriend

Pendeta terkeren. #gbiglow
gbi fellowship center

#teamkardashian #bestfriend 
Penetiere next generation.
tau ajah aku suka kardashian. hehe 
#bestfriend #teamkardashian

Ce Orin tercinta #bestfriend

Dosen Terbaik. #dosenterbaik

temen gue yang satu ini, punya
lirikan terdahsyat. (cd:clocknine)

As you can see, those all the best greeting ever! hahaha . Thank You 

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