Sunday, November 4, 2012

I do hate Acne!!!!

Hello Everyone.
I know that nobody's perfect. Every person has weakness also right?
Sometimes, what we want in reality, is not happen in the real world. (How sad *.*)
Well, perhaps you think something in your mind about what i exactly want!!!!!
Yeah, I want perfect skin and flawless (T___T), still not really flawless yet . I've tried so many products to improve my skin condition, it works but i want my skin's change better fast! Lol . I think that's what you want right? hehheee...Your skin flawless in just few days. But i tell you that everything is needs process. It's not like magic (hahhaha^.^) So, i always say to myself to be patient!

Well, Well, well, How about Acne? We cannot get flawless skin if Acne's everywhere!!!!!
Today I wanna share about how bad my skin is. T.T

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(without Verile Cream, see how red)
5 days with Verile Cream
Well, since i have period , my hormone is not stable and always acnes appear on my face. Arggghhhhh!!!! I hate when the period comes. My skin looks awfull. (Panic!!!!)
Acne's make our skin looks awful right? WE DO HATE ACNE!!!!! (on fireeeee.....)

Well so many things to tell you, the reason why acne appears.
1. It because we are not clean our face correctly. Sometimes, facial wash is not enough to remove the
    the make up that you put on your face. That's why we need make up remover and also toner (clear
2. It because our face's type is oily. Oily face is one indicators that makes acne appears on your face. Too         much oil on our face makes the acne appears.
3. It because our hormone. My case exactly it because the hormone. My skin's type is dry to
    combination. But when the period time, i do always have some acne. Thank God when the period
    gone, no acne appears (tolak jerawat!! hhehehe)
4. It because when we have sweats, we are not wipe the sweats. My case is because i have fringe on
    forehead, and i am not wipe it also, so the sweat absorb to our skin. If u do have fringe like me, 
    I recommend you, to use clip for your fringe, so you can wipe all the sweat easily and prohibit the
5. Genetic factor.
6. Stress. Stress is the one of factor why the acne's appear on face

Alright, I bought Verile in one of local drugstore here.
+Positive side of Verille :
1. The texture is Gel.
2. Easy to blend
3. Give you cool sensation
4. Makes your acne dry. (biasanya kalau udah lama pake, dibagian jerawat akan kering )
5. Affordable price $15 or Rp. 15000
6. Help you to clean your face from the oil.
7. Not make your skin irritation (depend on your skin)

- Negative side of Verile :
1. It's not really quick to dry

How to use is so simple :
1. Wash your face first
2. put tonner on cotton (optional)
3. after that put this Verile to your acnes spot.
4. use it day or night
Simple right? This is my forehead after couple weeks using Verile...

SO, how to make your acne's gone? (tips hilangkan jerawat)  well, Acne's will always appears on someone's face but we can do something that is keep clean everything. Okay. I hope that helps you.

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