Monday, October 29, 2012

Wedding Party

Hello my lovely readers.
Well, October 28, known as Halloween day, pumkin everywhere, scary looks, costumes and many more. But This year, 2012, i was invited by my friend, Theresia to come to her wedding party.
So, the party will be Halloween theme? Of course not! (silly me). lol (slap slap*)
First of all congratulation Theresia. Long last. May God bless your family. Have a good baby and stay forever! Ameen.

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Nath and Andre
I was come with one of my friends, Nathalie (nyonyapejabat) and her friend Andre. (coughing*.*)
I need to join them, because i really dont know how to get the location of the wedding party. Perhaps i will lost, if i decided go alone (scary laa)...
Nathalie picked me at home after i was reaching home from Church. Remember go to church everyone! U must ! lol. As i remember around 1 pm.
Then we decided to go saloon, of course to make ourself looks pretty hahaha....Hair style and make up are must! Hair style and make up are not complete without the dress right?
Well, i just had a mini dress in jakarta, because all my dresses exactly at my hometown, Surabaya. So i need to go with mini dress but but but girls problems is always do not know which one she should wear or she needs something new. Well, i think it happens to you also? Am i right? hahhaha
I don't know why girls are always said " I don't have any clothes  or dresses to go to the party "  Well, i just guess in boys mind is "what the hell is that? Don;t have any clothes or dresses? So what's in your wardrobe? " hahhaha....(just guess ^.^) So for you boys, you have to get used and be patient with this girls problems. And the surprised was Andre did patient wait for us for makeup. Well, me and nathalie just did make up about 20 dont have any idea..20 min make up but i think its enough and not bad the looks. lol.

This is how we exactly look like

what's your opinion?
make up only 20 min
Not bad laaa

We reached to the party at 7.30 pm. And so many guests over there? (lol of course so many guest. thats party)
Ummmm, well Theresia is Nathalie's friend exactly. But a long long time ago, Me and Theresia met and ate together, share everything. And that's the begining how i know Theresia and we became friends each other!
Back to the topic, Well I just know Nathalie from all the guests. I don't know anyone over there, because my hometown is not in Jakarta. So honestly i just had few friends over here (so sad T.T). But of course i'm lucky to have few friends, but they are like my real friends. Better to have few friend who real friend than thousand friend who just fake friends. (quote of the day) .
Happy with this situation? OF course i'm happy. So thank you Go to give me real friends. I hope this friendship last forever. Ameen .

Oh yeah... this is how the wedding party looks like ?

Brides is pretty and the groom is handsome. Flowers everywhere, romantic songs, happiness, laugh, tears became unite together. Please raise up your hands if you gonna marry soon? lol lol Well i think marriage is not easy like what you tought. (just my opinion) hahha....So if u gonna marry in young age, you better think very carefully and decide what the best. hehehhe
But congratz again for them....

Oh yeah, Thanks for Andre and Nathalie to help me get home safely. hahhaa.. I hope both of you will marry soon... And please invite me. I will sing and rap when your wedding party comes. Lol lol lol (Rap in wedding is ....) WEIRD. lol

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