Friday, October 12, 2012

New Products for this October!!!!

Hello Gorg! there are new products on my make up case. hehhee

When My sis(oldest one) went USA, she bought me this cool palette from Century 21. This awesome, Include Blush On, Lipstick and of course Gorg Eyeshadow. I'm sure u gonna love this, and also the colors are cool, sexy and sweet.
My second sis, bought me Hand Cream and also Foot Cream from Israel. I love that products. Makes ur hand and foot smooth and also the smells is good. So thank you my sistasssss! Love You so much. Lol

Loreal 707. GLAM SHINE.

Miss Candy By Loreal 506

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Now gonna be review about Loreal. Yesterday I went to mall and I got gift voucher, so I decided to buy compact powder, lipstick and lipgloss. Loreal has launched new lipstick which has sweet girly colors and of course the smells is good. The colors are very pretty, it called as Miss Candy. I decided to buy the Miss Orange, 506 bacause I don't have much orange colors at my make up bag. This is look like so much Orange, but trust me, this 506 will not make your lips going to Orange much, This color so perfect for me, not so pink, not so orange. How to say explain about this. Lol sorry  But if u like pink one, you better try Miss Strawberry 505. The packaging is cute also. I bought this Cute Gloss ever, that called Glam Shine 707, cute rite? so u better try it!!! hehheehehe. This Gloss match with all color I think, because I think this one is good mix of colors. 
Loreal Color Rich. 631
This one is Loreal Color Rich, this color kinda dark but perfect. I'm sorry i didn't open the package, because i still have so much lipstick which i still haven't use it yet. So i keep it for stock. sorry guys.
This NYX is sexy color, not so red but its like Fanta Pink. You better use base for lips or foundation to make the colors perfect on your lips. This NYX look like Korean Artist's lips in K-Drama look like.

About the powder, there are 3 types of the powder which are The True Match ( silver case), Blue Case with  vitamine E, and Red case with Anti - Aging. But I choose True Match one because True Match, i think the most blend able and match with the skin color.
But before u buy it, u have to know your skin color and type first. Sometime the Beauty Advisor just give some suggestion which i think its not really true. Sometime They just keep pointed at market target and so that's why sometime she offers the product which the counter so a lot of stock about some products. For instance in the counter there are a lot of stocks for Vitamine E powder ( Blue Case), so they will offer the Blue Case one than the True Match or the Red case. I hope u know what i'm saying. lol ...hehhehee
By they way the Powder Package is not like expensive products, but don't judge a book by cover. Although the face Powder's case is not really good, but the powder is awesome. If you have oily skin ,  I would recommend this powder to you guys. But since I don't have any problem with my skin , so all powders is gonna be okay for me. Thank God. lol.
My Color shades for this powder is Vanilla Ivory. This is kinda yellow but don't worry. This powder not gonna make your skin turn yellow. Lol.
If you confused with your color shades, specially for Indonesian girls with tan sexy skin, better You buy the Natural one. I hope this little Information help you guys.

1. Make Up Primer Pink (7) by Make Up Forever
2. BB cream Skin 79 mix with Laura Mercier Sand Beige
3. Two Way Cake Powder Vanilla Ivory by Loreal
4. BhCosmetics Eyeliner and Blush on
5.  Miss Orange 506 mix with Glam Shine Lipgloss 707 by Loreal and Mix with NYX  fire
6. SK-II Moisturazer 

All review is from deep of my heart, All produtcts was purchased by myself. No sponsor. hehe.

Thank you. Any question? comment below and don't forget follow my instagram @lidiacaterinef

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  1. aku jadi pengen two way cake nya loreal! di kamu baguuus yaak? makasih ya udh review , lidia! aku juga kebetulan udh pake foundienya yg true match itu juga super blendable... makanya mau ngincer compactnya ^^


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