Friday, October 26, 2012

Beli Jeffrey Campbell, Review Lita Spikes. Beli Baju di minimal.

Hello everyone!
Wooo hoooo....let's talk about the fierce shoes ever! lol
That's Jeffrey Campbell. Gosh totally in love with this shoes, so fierce, sexy, rawr! hahaha...
This shoes called as Lita Shoes, Studs, spike everything.

How cool this shoes. First time i saw it, i already fallen in love with this shoes. But the sad things, i didn't buy it directly. I still think twice whether buy it or not. But 2 months after this shoes going crazy, i decided to buy it and order it via online. I did cannot wait to open the package that time.

This is exactly how the shoes looks like

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Trust me u gonna love this. Why i choose black, it because i think black is cool and fierce and of course match with all colors i think. You can find Jeffrey Campbell online such as at and many more.
If u interest to buy like those shoes. u can send me an email of course.
They provide a dope shoes and fashion also. So you better check that out.
Fierce right? hahaa.... I love this shoes. DOPE!
About price? hmmmm... i think u should have enough money, at least $200 for this shoes. Well i think this shoes is popular right now, and In indonesia not all seller sell like this products. So if u have a shoes like this. You should be proud of yourself. Lol lol. lol. Let me tell you something, that I'm shoes slave...(whatt..?? ) hahhaa. I love shoes than everything. I prefer to buy shoes than bags. That's why i never post anything about bags. My bags collection is not so good like how my shoes are. Next time i will post my  shoes collection, but some of my shoes are not with me. They are at my hometown. T.T.

From shoes, lets talk about dresses.
Yesterday , i went to mall, and  i found this colorblock dress from MINIMAL, Mall Sumarecon Serpong.. That is cool. I decided to try it and it looked good, so i bought it. There were 2 colors, orange and beige. But i think the most popular right now is brigh color. So i go to the orange! The customer service is great.  Oh yeah, and the price i think is affordable. For this dress, u just need to pay $33 or Rp. 329.000.
They also provide the shopping online at Facebook and twitter
Well, all products purchased by myself la.....
The materials also good.


-Round Neck
-Short Sleeves
-Zipper at Shoulders

Fabric & Care
100% Polyster
Wash Cold, Don't Bleach
Do not wring,Line Dry, Iron on Reverse
Dry Clean for best result.

cc: minimal.

Simple dress

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