Monday, September 24, 2012

This is truth Miracle Water

Hello guys. thanks for visiting this website 
It''s been so long I haven't write a post or review.
Now I'm going to review about SK-II.
I'm absolutely sure that you guys know this is Japan's brand. 
SK-II  is one of my favorite products, since I love Japanse brand.
I prefer Japanese brand than other brand for SKINCARE!  
If you want to buy SK-II, the products you must have is Miracle Water! 
This Essences is so damn good!
When I was in  Senior or Junior High school, One thing on my mind was
I will never buy an expensive water like that. 
But, the have a lot of Information about beauty since I entered University life. Lol 
So, i decided to take care my skin before getting worse. 
By the way I'm 19 year old. And from now I have to take care my skin condition.
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I went to Central Park Mall, Jakarta Indonesia to buy this amazing brand! One thing on my mind again and again is why this water is so damn expensive? It just water right? Lol! No! This is amazing water! 

How to use is very simple. First of all, what you have to do is :
1. Clean up your face from make up or something  with Cleansing oil, milk or whatever you like .
2. Wash your face with facial foam. It is very important to wash you face to clean up everything which still stick from your face.
3. Apply toner on cotton. This step remove any make up or something which cannot be removed by facial wash. In Japan, toner called as Lotion/ FTE clear lotion.
4. Apply Essences of SK2. You can use cotton and dab motions to whole your face, include neck.
But in my opinion I love to use it without cotton. So, I put some on my hand and directly spread it with dab motion. Lol lol
5. You can apply moisturizer for better result. I'm using SK-II deep surge Ex!

Actually u have to keep some distance I mean 10-15 minutes to let it dry step by step.
You can use Serum too, because serum is prefect for your skin, and serum could reach the layer of your skin which Moisturizer couldn't reach.


Oh yeah, the price ? ummmm it's kinda expensive, but trust me the result is the best and worth it!
So, what are you waiting for? Still consider to buy? Ummm, trust me it works very well!
And I spent $200 dollar for those amazing products. Oh yeah there is a package which only $57 you will get Essences, Mask, and FTE clear lotion too.

Oh yeah i will review the SK-II cellumination deep surge ex soon.
bye bye

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