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Hello again Guys. hope you are good. ^.^
Today i wanna talk about KPOP AND JPOP.
I do I do I do love Korean and Japanese Music. Lets talk about the FAVOURITE BAND. Well, what's your favourite KPOP/JPOP band?

I do HEART CNBLUE (CODE NAME BLUE). Cnblue first debut was at Japan. I love Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Jong Hyun, Kang Min Hyuk and Lee Jung Shin. They are ROCK! Their songs are totally amazing, lovely and of course rock! Ahhhh,.....oppa u have to come to Indonesia. Please come to Indonesia and do concert here. I am absolutely buy the ticket if u will come here. Lets talk about CNBLUE, first. CN, Jong Hyun is represent as Burning, Min Hyuk oppa is represent as lovely (well so true), Jung Sin is represent as Untouchable and Jung Yong Hwa oppa is represent as Emotional. Lol. ahhh i love them all. My favourite songs are Love, Hey You I'm a loner, Love Light and many more. Their fans club is called by BOICE (means : Blue Voice). They have 2 album version , that is Japanese version and korean version. There is little different from both album which Japanese album has more rock songs than the korean one. They also just released new album "Come On" and "Code name blue" for japanese version. if You guys want to buy their album you can go to some discstore. But i reccomend u guys buy online from or why i reccomend u buy online? it because, sometimes they provide first press or limited edition which u will received a benefits (bonus card, poster, photobooklet etc) I just bought new album from, that is Ear Fun with Kang Min Hyuk version. I received bonus poster and photobook 84page of cnblue's member ofcourse. I think so worth it la and you know what? it is free shipping if u spend more than 39 dollars. So, thank you Yesasia. hehehe ^_^. Well I reccomend it without being paid or etc. Just honest opinion from my heart. lol.  I just loved yesasia and cdjapan. so good at packaging and i love the free shipping actually. lol. Click Read More dibawah

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Well now, their members are known as actors too. Jung Yong Hwa started actor in movie A.N.JELL (he's beautiful). In A.N.JELL, Yong Hwa oppa played in love to Park Shin Hye (Mi nan), but Mi nan in loved to Jang Keun Suk. Lol. Poor Yong Hwa oppa. T_T. Well if u have watched A.N.JELL it is familiar with the song "PROMISE" . Thats lovely song, composed by Lee Hong Ki (FT. Island). Then Yong Hwa also as actor in "Heartstring". again with Park Sin Hye. Gosh! Lucky Park Shin Yong Hwa also has been to WE GOT MARRIED with Seoh hyun (Girls Generation) . U have to watch Yongseoh part, and the photoshoot was so so awesome! Seohhyun so pretty like princess. ^.^. Yong hwa also made new song, which so lovely song ever. I will never get bored to listen it, that is "Banmal songs or for the first time lover".
Jung Yong Hwa. is very talented boy. He composed 17 songs as i remember for one month. Gosh thats alot. He also gave his song to "Juniel" and "AOA". You have to listen to it also. hahaha.....

Others member like Lee Jong Hyun , Min Hyuk and Jung shin also known as actors too. Jong Hyun played at "A gentleman Dignity and Acoustic." Min Hyuk in "Heartstring" with Yong Hwa, and Jung Sin is coming soon (on producing) Lol .


KPOP done! now lets talk about JPOP. Well Jpop band i love IKIMONOGAKARI, NAMIE AMURO AND YUI. They are very talented! Namie Amuro has very pretty appereance. My favourite songs from her are Go rounf and Yeah - Oh. How about YUI? ahhhhh...I totally love her songs all. she is so amazing, her voice also so cute. But most i loved is Tomorrow ways. so touched with her song. I love her album ":MY SHORT STORIES"

How about Ikimonogakari? Sakura, Hanabi and many more! Lol. They just released new album on 2012 "newtral". You guys have to listen on it. very reccomend la...hehhehe....
She has great voice and she also kawaii....

Japanese singers, dont forget KUMI KODA. She isd awsome. She has great voice, great dance and ofcourse so kawaiiii.

I think thats all. c u. xoxo...

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